Ten tips to rock your essays during lockdown!
Purple background with orange writing saying "Remote Exam Support"

One of our students has shared their top tips for essay-writing during lockdown.

Volunteering & Fundraising Week 2020
Student sat at desk smiling

This Volunteering & Fundraising Week, one of our students has reflected on the benefits and the ease of giving back at University.

Last chance for GTA survey

A survey collecting the anonymous experiences of GTAs is closing soon and needs your help!

Orders have been paused for now
KCL students wearing The Union Shop hoodies

We'll let you know when we're running as normal

Do You Want Money From King's?

Are you tired of paying thousands of pounds a year in fees to get quality education? Are you struggling to pay fees and your living costs during your time at King’s? Are you tired of paying your huge fees in only 2 installments?

Then you are in the right place - welcome to KCL Go Fund Yourself!

Desks not Despair Campaign Launched

A new campaign has launched and needs student support. We hear from the campaign organisers.

Campaign launch!

The ‘Fair Pay for GTAs’ campaign has been running since around 2015. GTAs, or ‘Graduate Teaching Assistants’, are PhD students who teach Undergraduate or MA classes while they study.

Campaign launched

A new campaign to address the fairness of assessments at King's has been launched and is looking for support.

KCLSU does Veganuary!

The Veganuary initiative has encouraged people to go vegan for January, and this year KCLSU is jumping on board too!

Champion Hill accommodation relocations
KCLSU Student Officers Team

We’re sorry to hear that students in KCL’s Champion Hill residences are being relocated to alternative accommodation. Find out about support available.

Officers statement on 2018 strike compensation
Photo: Furqan Khan, Gurbaaz Gill, Nafiza Mamun, Nakul Patwa, Rhiannon Owen, Shaswat Jain

KCLSU officers statement on compensation for students affected by the UCU strikes in 2018.

Mental health and wellbeing
Mental Health

Fresher year is a wonderful opportunity for you to get involved in student life! Manage your time well, make time for regular study (or, if you’re studying all the time, for regular relaxation), and you’ll have a much easier time.

Spotlight: Kings of Sport Day (KCL Rugby)

Kings of Sport was a day for local, white working class boys to come to King’s, meet students, and learn what the university has to offer them.

Spotlight: KCL Pharmacy Society

KCL Pharmacy Society created a four-week outreach programme for year 10/11 students at ARK Globe Academy.

"Fairer assessments for all"

Sign this petition to make it a KCLSU campaign.

New Chief Executive for KCLSU
Mo Wiltshire KCLSU outgoing CEO

Mo Wiltshire KCLSU’s current Chief Executive will be stepping down in June 2018. Search for a successor begins.