Strategic Inefficiency is Harming the Most Vulnerable Students at King’s

Adjust KCL! are gathering evidence to show that ‘administrative failings’ in support services are not one-off errors and amount to a systemic failure to provide adequate support and reasonable adjustments to vulnerable students.

Students Launch Campaign to Build A Disability-Just KCL
A group of students sit around a table with pens and paper, planning a campaign.

Adjust KCL! will bring together students to raise awareness about the issues vulnerable students (disabled, neurodivergent, low income, in crisis, or at risk of any of these) face at King's, and push for concrete goals to alleviate these issues.

Students Come Together to Dismantle King's Colonial Legacy

With an evening of moving speeches and performances from students at King's, KCLSU Officers Sara Osman Saeed and Martina Chen launched their campaign to bring together students and staff to call on King's to commit to to decolonisation, reparative justice and building a truly anti-racist and inclusive institution.

How to Make a Claim for Tuition Fee Reimbursement
A photo of chairs stacked on tables in an empty classroom.

The Reimbursement Now! campaign team break down the steps you will need to follow to make a claim for reimbursement at KCL.

KCLSU Launches New Campaigns Handbook
A group of young people wearing face masks stand in a street with their fists raised, holding placar

Today we are launching our brand new KCLSU CAMPAIGNS HANDBOOK. An accessible and comprehensive guide to all things campaigning, suitable for both KCLSU backed campaigns and other forms of student campaigns and activism. We’ve compiled a huge selection of resources, campaigning exercises, check-lists and suggestions that we’ve picked up from our experience of supporting student campaigning and beyond.

Cost-of-Living: Use Your Voice!

MPs are calling for evidence into the cost-of living for students. Share your experience to drive change.

Student Group Launches 'Cash Cows Fight Back' Campaign
Cartoon fist raised on a yellow and red background.

Liberate KCL have launched a new campaign to demarketise and diversify the University.

KCLSU Officers Launch Campaign to Dismantle King's Colonial Legacy
A cartoon brick wall with a gap in the middle, containing the words Dismantle King's Colonial Legacy

Come along to our launch event to help shape our campaign demands and plan our strategy.

PhD Students Launch Campaign for a Pandemic Work Recognition Payment

King's Doctoral Students Association are supporting a campaign calling for an ex-gratia one-off recognition payment for all PHD students to match the payment given to staff at King's.

Plant-based Universities Campaign Launches

Students launch a new campaign to tackle the climate crisis by getting King's catering to go fully plant-based.

Reimbursement Now! Campaign Launches
An empty classroom with chairs on the table.

Students launch a new campaign to seek reimbursement for disrupted learning and call on University management to resolve the issues causing ongoing industrial action.

Tuition Fee Reduction UK Campaign Launches
Tuition Fee Reduction Campaign Logo

Students at KCL are coming together under a new campaign to reduce tuition fees.

King's Students Vote to Keep It Real

Over 1700 students voted, with 70% in favour of calling on King's to return to offering fully in-person learning.

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