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Student Group Launches 'Cash Cows Fight Back' Campaign

Liberate KCL have launched a new campaign to demarketise and diversify the University.

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Liberate KCL have launched a new campaign called Cash Cows Fight Back. Read on to learn what the campaign is all about and how you can show support.


Who are we?


Liberate KCL is a student group which was ratified in spring is the most active political society on campus. We are a group of students concerned with the quality of (and access thereto) our education. We organise against KCL management (and government) underfunding of our education. We campaign for free and accessible education. We have four fights as outlined in Liberate KCLs manifesto: Demarketise, Diversify, Decolonise & Democratise. These are set out in detoil, are well-established on campus as the core tenets of our group, and, along with our group, have a huge mandate from students to act upon.


What is this Campaign About?


This campaign is called Cash Cows Fight Back. We’ve been laying the groundwork to launch this campaign for a considerable amount of time. In the context of this campaign, we’ve utilised two of the four headers of our framework of the ‘four Ds’, ‘Demarketise’ and Diversify to come up with the following demands for our cash cows fight back campaign:


Demarketise - stop using us as cash cows and underfunding our education.


  • Restructure the business model of KCL into one that doesn’t seek to profit from students.
  • Demand fair conditions for student learning.
  • Support students struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.
  • Increase the hourly pay rate for Student Teaching Assistants in line with inflation.
  • Reverse superfluous spending and re-direct it to fair working conditions and essential services in KCL.?

Diversify - end gender, race, and disability student attainment gaps.


  • A tangible action plan on improving accessibility of all four campuses, taking into account mobility access, rest places for those with chronic conditions, remote learning capabilities and capacities.
  • A review of hiring patterns, to establish whether King’s College London is actively taking progress to hire diverse voices into university positions
  • management to invest more money into university support services for marginalised groups e.g. Black students, students of colour, international students, disabled students, LGBT+ and Trans students
  • Review Equality, Diversity and Inclusion related policies at King’s to maximise safety, rights and access for students from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds


How can you get involved?


To become a KCLSU Union Campaign, this will need to get 50 petition signatures from members. Sign the petition here to show your support.

For updates or to get active in the campaign, join Liberate KCL.


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