Elections Resources

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Election Handbooks

These handbooks contain all the important information you need to know about the nominations and elections process, role descriptions, election rules and expenses. Please feel free to get in touch with [email protected] if you have any further questions.


Candidate Resources

Information and guidance for candidates around support, advise, and guidelines.

  • Acing A Digital Campaign

    These are the slides from the quick fire Digital Campaigning Workshop which cover how to utilise social media and web platforms

  • Candidate Campaign Tips

    For advice and instructions on writing and uploading your manifesto, running your campaign, social media and designing your campaign materials.

  • Candidate Endorsement Guidelines

    Our guide to endorsing candidates.

  • Candidate wellbeing support

    This document contains all the wellbeing support for candidates during these elections

  • Elections Protocol KCLSU Spring Elections 2023

    A protocol containing rules and guidance in the spring elections

  • Manifesto Guide

    A guide on how to upload a manifesto.

  • Templates for social media KCLSU Elections

    This folder contains templates with promo material for KCLSU Elections that you can use for your student group elections or candidature. In both instagram square and instagram stories format this folder contains material such as 'vote now', '24 hours left', 'nominations open', 'nominations close' templates.

  • Wellbeing Passport

    Your wellbeing is extraordinarily important to prioritise during challenging times, and always. Take care of yourself with our Wellbeing Passport to guide you through looking after your wellbeing throughout campaigning. The Wellbeing Passport will focus on the King’s Way to Wellbeing based on NHS guidance with rewards to encourage you to invest in your wellbeing.

Societies and Networks Guides

There are lots of different ways in which your society or Network can be involved with KCLSU elections – here are just a few ideas.

1. Invite the candidates to one of your virtual events or meetings

You could give them all a few minutes to introduce themselves and their campaigns.

2. Promote the elections in general

Mention them at your virtual events, post on social media about them, and generally encourage your members to vote!

3. Publish information about what you are looking for in a candidate

This will help students who are thinking of standing understand what is important to your society.

4. Endorse candidates

Our guide to endorsing candidates can be found here.

5. Ask questions

You can contact candidates on Facebook and Twitter, or through any contact info they give in their manifestos, and ask them for their positions on particular issues.