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Autumn Elections Results 

The 2017 Autumn Elections are now over and the first set of results published.  Thanks to all who participated, whether you ran for a position, campaigned, or voted. Together, we’re helping to shape our Union. This year we not only had a record number of nominations, but a 70 percent increase in voter turnout over last year, making 2017 one of the most successful KCLSU election years in recent times. Well done! Get more stats.



About the Autumn Elections

Voting ran from Monday 9 October - 12 October 2017. This year there were 582 candidates across various positions. 4260 students voted across nine faculties, a 70 percent increase over last year.
Among the positions elected were 4 Student Trustees, over 100 Academic Reps, Association Committee Reps, NUS Delegates, and Union Development Committee Reps. All these positions play a role in helping us build a better Union and improve student life at King's.

Autumn Elections are an opportunity to choose student leaders for the year ahead. They comprise one of two election seasons at KCLSU. The other takes place in the spring when we elect Student Officers.

KCLSU is every student at King's College London, working together to ensure we all have the best university experience possible. Student government is a chance to do that through campaigns, representation, or just by voting. 


Next up: Spring Elections in March  

Nominations open in February for Student Officer positions.  

Autumn Elections timetable

Nominations open                                                   Monday 25 September 10am

Nominations close                                                      Wednesday 4 October 10am                                        

Student Trustee briefings                                           Wednesday 4 October 6pm, Meeting Room 3, East Wing, Guy's Campus
                                                                                       OR Thursday 5 October 12pm, Room S3.31 Strand Building


Disabled Students' Officer briefing                            Monday 2 October 12pm, Activity Room 2, West Wing, Guy's Campus 

Briefing for Union Development Committees       
Association Committees/ NUS Delegates                 Thursday 5 October 5pm, Room KO.20 King's Building
Candidates announced/campaigning begins            Friday 6 October 4pm
Voting opens                                                                 Monday 9 October 10am
Voting closes                                                                Thursday 12 October 5pm

Training period                                                             Mon 16 Oct – Frid 3 Nov                           

Complaints and contact information

Contact for:

  • Problems logging in
  • Problems voting
  • Questions about the elections process
  • Help and guidance

Please provide your K number, full name and KCL email address.

If you'd like to make a complaint, please click through to the Elections Complaints page.

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