Spring Elections 2018

KCLSU is a democratic charity led by students. Our elected student leaders work to ensure a wide cross-section of views are represented in decision making within the Union and at King’s and help to unite the various student communities around common causes.



See the results for Student Officer and Association Officer postions here

See the results for Academic Rep positions here

The Positions

The timeline

Candidates announced and campaigning begins

Monday 26 February, 10am

Voting open

Monday 5 March, 10am

Voting closed

Thursday 8 March, 5pm

Results announced

The evening of Thursday 8 March, The Shed

   Useful links

Handbooks for each position

The handbooks provide useful information about the nominations and elections process, role descriptions, election rules and expenses. 

Candidate resources 

Information and guidance for candidates, as well as the slides and advice from the candidates' briefings. 

Eligibility terms explained 

Some positions might require you to self-define in order to be eligible to stand or vote for it. 

Designated campaign zones 

Candidates aren't allowed to put up posters in undesignated KCLSU and King's spaces. Here you can find the full list of spaces.

Candidates' Code of Conduct

Taking part in a KCLSU election means following a code of conduct. Here, you will find the full Code of Conduct     .

Elections guide for Societies and Associations 

Here you can see the ways your society or association can be involved in the KCLSU elections, from endorsements to asking questions.

Complaints and contact information

Contact elections@kclsu.org for:

  • Problems logging in
  • Problems voting
  • Questions about the elections process
  • Help and guidance

Please provide your K number, full name and KCL email address.

If you'd like to make a complaint, please click through to the Elections Complaints page.