Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring

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Peer Mentoring

What is peer mentoring?  

Peer mentoring is when new students are paired with more experienced students to help them settle into university life. It facilitates the transition to university and improves students' sense of wellbeing and belonging. It has benefits for both mentors and mentees!

For mentors, it is an opportunity to provide the support they wanted earlier in their student journey at the same time as boosting their own employability. For mentees, it is a chance to learn new skills, network and shape their university experience.  

At King's College London, peer mentoring is delivered within faculties, departments, and sometimes individual courses. Peer mentoring schemes are also run by student groups and by KCLSU. Peer mentors can be referred to as mentors, buddies, parents, or other terms - these all mean the same thing!  

Peer mentoring is often focused on helping students navigate university life while other types of peer support like peer-assisted learning (PAL) programmes and peer support groups focus on academics or mental health and wellbeing. 

Peer mentoring programmes within the university and students’ union along with key contact details for their coordinators can be found below. 


Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Schemes

1st Year Buddy Scheme (Physics)

Contact: Anna Chapman, [email protected]


School of Global Affairs (SGA) Peer Mentoring

Contact: Francesca Auchterlonie, [email protected]


Geography Postgraduate Taught Peer Mentoring

Contact: Liz Ryder, [email protected]


BSc Psychology Buddy Scheme

Contact: Julia Ouzia, [email protected]


Arts & Humanities Buddy Scheme

Contact: Tamara Kwofie, [email protected]

You can find the Arts & Humanities Virtual Student Hub here.


Postgraduate Peer Mentoring Schemes 

International Postgraduate Researcher Buddy Scheme (iPGR Scheme)

Contact: Edward Mushett Cole, [email protected]

More information can be found here.


HSDTC PGR Buddy Scheme

Contact: [email protected]

This buddy scheme is open to doctoral researchers in the health science faculties. More information can be found here. 


Specialist Peer Mentoring Schemes

Careers Mentoring Programme

Contact: [email protected]

This peer-to-peer mentoring scheme is specifically for underrepresented groups and has a careers focus. More information can be found here. 


King's Student Money Mentors

Contact: [email protected]

More information can be found here. You can also view our Instagram page and our blog


Other Peer Support Schemes

KCL PhD Peer-Support 

Contact: Xenia Stieger, [email protected]

King's College London's Faculty of SSPP is setting up mental wellbeing peer support sessions for PGR students only. It is designed as a space for PhD students to come together, talk about our mental wellbeing, combat PhD isolation, share advice and support one another. More information can be found here.