Invitation to tender

From time to time King's College London Students' Union invites suppliers to submit tenders to provide products and services to us.

Current Invitations to tender:

Governance Review Partner for King's College London Students' Union (KCLSU)

KCLSU, with support from King's is embarking on a governance review, evaluating board effectiveness along with other key elements. The project seeks to ensure strong governance that reflects best practices, adequately represents our student body, and fosters an environment of effective decision-making and accountability.


  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the current governance framework
  • Address the dual roles of sabbatical officers, balancing governance
  • Engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the review process
  • Ensure compliance with legal standards and KCLSU’s organizational requirements
  • Innovate to position KCLSU as a leader in sector governance practices

Core Requirements:

  • Thorough examination and stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Compliance check with governing documents and legal obligations
  • Strategic project management to meet specified milestones and deadlines

Key Deliverables

  • Governance analysis and legal alignment
  • Drafting of revised governance documents
  • Support for the implementation of new governance structures

Budget & project Timescales

Proposals should provide a detailed budget and adhere to the project timeline, with key dates starting from the initial meeting on 15th March 2024 to the final approval by College Council on 10th July 2024.

Submission Timeline

  • Tender Opens: Tuesday, 20th February 2024
  • Submission Deadline: Monday, 4th March 2024
  • Tenders Reviewed: Friday, 8th March 2024
  • Successful Partner Notified: Monday, 11th March 2024

This tender represents a strategic opportunity to influence KCLSU's governance, ensuring it serves its purpose efficiently and represents its members effectively. Interested parties are encouraged to submit their proposals, demonstrating their approach, experience, and understanding of the project’s requirements.

For further inquiries, please contact Matt Pledger, Head of Governance and Compliance at KCLSU. We look forward to your proposals and embarking on this journey to enhance KCLSU’s governance.

Find out more and apply click the button below. Download tender document

Closed Invitations to tender:

Design Agency to work with KCLSU

KCLSU is looking to appoint an external design agency to support our work for a series of key campaigns for the upcoming academic year 2023/2024 with the potential to extend for further academic year cycles.

This tender will support the design of our flagship campaigns, including Welcome period which will be seen by thousands of students, Varsity for our numerous sports clubs, and Awards which celebrates student success.
Please email your response to James Dix (Head of Marketing and Brand) [email protected] for this tender by 9am Monday 22nd May 2023.
Find out more and apply here.
Download tender document

KCLSU Strategic review

KCLSU is one of the UK’s longest standing Students’ Unions, with former members who contributed to the creation of the National Union of Students. Operating across four London campuses, and representing over 30,000 students, the union has been through a period of significant organisational change and transformation in the past few years.  

Now the key pieces are in place, KCLSU is ready to carry out a strategic review to help shape the organisation’s direction and priorities for the future, to ensure that we remain agile and respond to the changing needs of our membership. We are looking to work with consultants on this exciting project and support us in moving the Union to a prosperous future.

Please email your responses to this tender to [email protected] by 5pm on 13 October 2022.

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Guy's Bar Venue Refurbushment Project Consultant

Guy's Bar is a 297-capacity licensed hybrid bar that operates day and night, offering our students a safe, friendly and fun environment. We serve food 12-8pm, and the venue is licensed until 2am several evenings of the week and has the ability for a DJ to play. Each week is centred around a bustling sports night on a Wednesday, predominantly serving medical students at the University.

The most recent refurbishment was in 2016, and the space needs refreshing to maximise the revenue opportunities through improving the student experience. A key concern is maintaining the ethos and history of the venue while ensuring use of the space is flexible. We're looking for a partner to consult on the work and support us in moving the project forward.

Find out more and apply here


King’s College Students’ Union (KCLSU) Strategic Review of Advice and Support: Invitation to Tender

KCLSU are looking for an experienced professional to undertake a review of our advice and support services, a strategic objective in our roadmap to 2023 and post Covid-19 pandemic. We are now inviting bids from individuals or organisations that can enable us to ensure our students receive the best possible support whilst engaging and retaining our staff talent. If you would like an informal discussion, please contact [email protected]. Formal bids need to be submitted by midday on 26 November 2021

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Download tender document

KCLSU Value Development

King's College London Students' Union (KCLSU) is currently undergoing a strategic review of its "1,3,6 Strategy" set in 2019. Alongside this, we've identified that we need to review the current 6 values, decreasing the number and making sure the ones that remain are more impactful and relevant. Considering this, KCLSU is looking for a provider to help guide and shape this work.

This work will require a comprehensive consultation with our stakeholders and final approval by our board of trustees. Send completed applications to Denis Shakur by 5pm on the 7th May

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Download tender document

KCLSU Tone of Voice Tender

We are midway through our 2025 strategy and at KCLSU we want to review and refresh our tone of voice. We are looking for external agencies who can help us with this project, which will allow us to communicate with our different audiences, aligned with our values and vision. We welcome applications until 16th June at 5pm. Have a look at the briefing below and submit your proposal/doubts to [email protected] addressing Coco Garcia-Acevedo.

Find out more and apply here

Download tender document

Officer Leadership Training Tender

KCLSU is looking for a provider to deliver training to the Student Full-Time Officers. The Officers are elected annually and upon election take on the roles of Trustees and Student Representatives. They hold positions on senior university committees and are required to provide the voice of King's students. Equally, as they are elected, they have a series of different manifesto pledges they need to deliver. It is thus vital that the Full-Time Officers are trained to become effective leaders and representatives

We are looking for the chosen supplier to provide an accredited leadership qualification for the officers. It could be either CMI or ILM. The training should consider that there is little to no people management in the roles though there is a leadership element.

Areas to include to cover in the leadership course;

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Understanding effective team dynamics and individuals roles in developing this
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Empowering colleagues and peers

Find out more and apply here

KCLSU Recruitment Partner Tender: Director of Finance & Resources (CLOSED)

The Union is seeking to appoint a newly created role within the senior team, a Director of Finance & Resources. To support us in attracting the right candidate for this critical role, KCLSU is seeking to appoint a recruitment partner.

Our chosen partner will have exceptional experience in sourcing a diverse and skilled range of candidates for a role that requires experience in the charity sector, in finance and people strategy, who will live our values and be a champion for change. Our priority is to create a better balance of experience and diversity at the senior level and we believe it is particularly important that our recruitment can identify and attract appointable female candidates to the role. Potential Recruitment Partners are invited to submit a proposal no later than 12 noon on TBC to Sarah Gosling, Independent Advisor

Equality & Diversity Assesment & Intervention Tender (CLOSED)

The King’s College London Students’ Union is looking to appoint an external partner to conduct an Equality and Diversity assessment and create intervention guidelines for the organisation.

Please email your response to this tender to [email protected] by 10.00 UK time, Monday 6th April 2020.

Full details on the tender can be found in the supporting document here.

Senior Leadership Team Development Tende (CLOSED)

The King’s College London Students’ Union is looking to appoint an external partner to support and coach the Senior Leadership Team in working effectively to deliver the Six Year Vision.

The work will involve meeting with the Chief Executive to understand the context for this tender and coach the Directors to engage in delivering the Six Year Vision collaboratively.

Please email your response to this tender to [email protected] by 5pm Tuesday 8th October 2019.

Full details on the tender can be found in the supporting document below.

Full details.

Trustee Recruitment (CLOSED)

KCLSU are looking to appoint an external partner to support the recruitment of Lay Trustees to our Trustee Board. The closing date for this tender is 17th May 2019.

Click here to view more information

External Complaints Investigator (CLOSED)

KCLSU are looking to appoint an external partner to investigate some complaints made by students.

Click here to view more information

Summer Ball – Application to Tender (CLOSED)

King’s College London Students’ Union is looking to appoint an external event partner to work with us to plan and execute an annual Summer Ball & Graduation dinner.

The deadline for the tender submission is 5pm 7th Jan 2019.

Full details

Strategy Development Facilitator (CLOSED)

The King’s College London Students’ Union is looking to appoint an external partner to support the facilitation of our Trustee Board away day.

The work will involve supporting the development of a discussion-based workshop in preparation for the Board away day, and then facilitation of the workshop during the day, as well as providing a summary after the event.

Please email your response to this tender to [email protected] by 5pm Tuesday 26th February. 

Full details on the tender can be found in the supporting document here.

KCLSU Strategic Research - Invitation to tender (CLOSED)

The King’s College London Students’ Union is looking to appoint an external research partner to help us conduct our strategic review research, help formulate a six-year strategic plan (with a three-year review mark) that will help us develop and shape our priorities for the period of 2019 and beyond.

This invitation to tender provides an overview of the work that KCLSU would like an external research partner to consider and base their tender submissions on. 

The deadline for the tender submission is 5pm 6th August 2018.

Full details

Website transformation - Invitation to tender (CLOSED)

KCLSU is in the middle of a digital transformation. This includes our internal systems (e.g. finance, HR etc), our use of data (through our CRM- ThankQ) and our external communications. We’re looking to transform our website through an open-source content management system to create a digital hub for our members. We want to work with an agile agency that can help us transform our website in phases including a future mobile app (iOS & Android) that will act as a portal for some of the functionality of our website. 

The deadline for the tender submission is 5pm Wednesday 15th August 2018.

More details

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