Leadership Masterclasses 

Learn the skills to lead your communities

These training sessions are open to all students and are aimed at equipping you with the tools you need to lead your communities.

Our Masterclasses include:

  • Action Planning
  • Campaigning Effectively
  • Effective Representation
  • Navigating and Negotiating with Senior Stakeholders
  • Effective Meetings
  • Building a Community
  • Introduction to Inclusion
  • Introduction to Allyship
  • Trans Allyship 101
  • Disability Allyship 101: Unlearning Ableism
  • Challenging Misogyny: Being an Ally to Women 101
  • Antiracist Allyship: Challenging Antiblackness
  • Understanding LGBT+ Allyship
  • Stop and Search: Know Your Rights
  • Stonewall University Sports Club Committee Workshop
  • Managing & Coordinating Volunteers
  • Assessing Impact
  • How to Run a Digital Event
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Academic Rep Training

Academic Rep Training will take place within each Faculty throughout October virtually via Microsoft Teams. Once Reps have been elected, you will be sent an invite to these sessions. 

If you have any questions regarding training please email representation@kclsu.org