Campaigning Explained

What are the stages of the campaigns at KCLSU?

Campaigning can sometimes be a long process but we want to get the set up as quick as possible. The process below sets out the different stages so you know what to expect.

Step One: Submitting your campaign

You submit your campaign idea on line. Once we receive your campaign submission, you will be sent an invite to a doodle poll where you can pick a time to sit down with our campaigns coordinator and discuss your initial idea. After that, you will attend a training session where you will develop your full campaign action plan. Once that is finalised, it will get sent to the President to be signed off and then it will go online for a student vote.

Stage Two: Getting support for your campaign

Once your campaign petition goes live, you will have 100 days to collect your support. People will have the chance to Join the campaign and get more involved. You will get guidance about how to collect signatures and the KCLSU marketing team will publicise the campaign too.

Stage Three: Delivering your campaign

Your campaign becomes officially supported when it passes it’s threshold. You will then receive budget and further support to make your campaign a reality.

How can we support these campaigns?

Campaigns can either be supported by the whole KCLSU membership (all King's students) or by one or more of our networks.

We have separate autonomous networks because as a union we recognise that some groups have historically, and continue to be marginalised or not have their voices heard. Associations exist to give those groups a space to connect with each other and to organise around issues that might affect them which is why some campaigns might be specifically be supported by one association or a number of them.

For a campaign to be supported by the whole KCLSU membership it needs 150 members of KCLSU to support the campaign. For each network, 75 KCLSU members who self-define as being part of that community need to support the campaign. People can vote as both a member of KCLSU and a member of an network. For example, a member of KCLSU who self-defines as a woman can vote both as a KCLSU member and as a member of the Women’s Network. 

Why would a campaign need network support?

We have eight networks at KCLSU - if we self-define into any of these networks, we are automatically a members of this network. This means, as a group, we represent everyone within this network and we can make decisions as a collective.

These are groups of students that aim to combat oppression, discrimination and inequality faced by students on a local and national level. Networks exist to connect us, highlight current issues, and empower us to act collectively and bring about change.

If a campaign is seeking the support of an network, this means, the campaign lead is seeking the collective support of that group of students.

The eight networks are as follows: