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Elections Complaints

General Information

Any member of KCLSU may submit an election complaint if they have reason to believe that any of the KCLSU Election Principles have been breached (see below for the Election Principles).

Complaints will be considered by the Deputy Returning Officer. If the complaint is about the actions of the Deputy Returning Officer, this will then be referred to the Returning Officer.

File a copmlaint here

You must submit one complaint per form so please refresh the form for multiple complaint submissions. All complaints must be first-hand and not hearsay - any hearsay complaints will not be considered by the Deputy Returning Officer.

The deadline for submitting a complaint is 24 hours after the close of voting.

Elections Principles:

  • Elections should be democratic. No one may attempt to undermine the democratic legitimacy of elections.
  • Elections should be free. Voters must be able to cast their (and no others’) ballot freely, privately and without any interference.
  • Elections should be fair. No material advantage should be gained unfairly by or for anyone.
  • Elections activity and campaigning should be conducted with respect towards each other and the locality.
  • Elections activity and campaigning should enable informative debate and deliberation, and without negative campaigning.

For more detail, you can read the By-Laws in full.

Returning Officer: The Returning Officer is responsible for the conduct and administration of KCLSU Elections, and will take sole responsibility for the interpretation of the bye-laws. The Returning Officer has the power to appoint a Deputy Returning Officer. The Returning Officer is external to King's and KCLSU.

Deputy Returning Officer: The Deputy Returning Officer is appointed by the Returning Officer and support the Returning Officer. They consider complaints submittted on the first instance. The Deputy Returning Officer is external to King's and KCLSU.

If you’ve got any further questions about how the process works, get in touch at [email protected].