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Why get Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is not only a great way to fund your group's activity, but also an opportunity for you to expand your own personal professional network and improve future career prospects.

How to apply:

  • What do you want from your sponsorship deal? Sponsorship doesn't always have to be monetary, for example a food company may be able to provide refreshments for an event or an industry expert may be able to deliver skills workshops for your members.
  • What can you offer you sponsor in return? Remember sponsorship is two-way relationship so you need to think about what you are going to offer your sponsor. Examples of this are displaying the sponsor's company logo on your group's banners, hoodies or social media pages. Alternatively, you may be able to promote their services via your society newsletter- make to never share your members' personal details with the sponsor (e.g. names, email address', phone numbers) and that any communication with your members is only via your own channels.
  • Who is the right person to contact? Do your research! Don't just contact company employees on LinkedIn. Use the generic enquiry email address or phone number on the company's website and ask who the best person to talk to would be.
  • Tailor your application to each company! Don't just copy and paste the exact same application, research each company and their strategy.
  • Be honest about any other sponsorship deals your group currently has or have had in the past
  • Include an overview of your group and make it personalised! This can include photographs from any successful events you've held, your society's social media engagement stats and member demographics.
  • Follow up after a couple of weeks, if the answer is no, ask for some feedback on move onto another application

Successful Application? What to do next:

  • Contract: Make sure you have a contract with your sponsor, detailing what you both agree to. Use the template below. Make sure to send you contract to [email protected] before signing for a member of the Activities team to check over. Once your contract has been checked over by the Activities team it will need to be signed by both a member of the committee and the sponsor. Make sure to keep a copy of your signed contract and send one to [email protected] also.
  • Invoice: Once your contract is signed and sent to the Activities Team, you'll need to fill in the invoice request form below. Send the filled in invoice request form with the signed contract to [email protected].
  • Maintain the relationship: It is mportant that you do your best to maintain your agreement with a sponsor. The more proactive you are in working with your sponsor, the more likely they are to sponsor your activity group in the future. Honouring your commitment is vital to maintaining a lasting, positive relationship between your group and sponsor. Also, breaking a legal agreement with a company could potentially have serious consequences. As well as honouring your contract with your sponsor, here some additional things you could do to help maintain the relationship with a sponsor:

    Send a thank you letter when the contract is signed, or when money or services are receive, send them pictures of events, ahare examples of their money, logos or donations in action and put together a report, including pictures and examples of how money was used, with a short description of why their sponsorship was so important to your group

How to increase your chances of getting sponsorships

We find that having your own custom email address can make your society appear more professional to potential sponsors, so we've put together a short guide to getting your own domain:

1. Purchase a Domain Name:

There are many domain name registrars to choose from, but the most popular ones are, Namecheap, Hover and iwantmyname. An example of what your custom email will look like: [email protected] You can choose other top-level domains such as .org, .net etc. Domains can cost as little as £5 per year.

2. Choose an Email Hosting Provider:

The next step is choosing your Email Hosting Provider. This is the service that will host your domain and there are many to choose from such as Google, Office 365 Business Essentials, Zoho Mail, FastMail, ProtonMail, Pobox and Rackspace Email. When selecting an email hosting service, consider the best email management solutions, storage capacity, technical support and, of course, an affordable price. The process of creating a custom email address is more or less the same for all providers and you can find a step-to-step guide on how to do so with a few providers here.

You are now set up with your own custom email address!

Here are some useful sponsorship templates:




Development Fund



Development Funding is available to all KCLSU Activity Groups and Societies. The funds can be used for groups to carry out normal core activities, new projects or KCLSU Events (i.e. Welcome, One World, etc.).


Please note: Student Activity Groups and Societies are able to apply for funding for all of the above. Sports Clubs and Liberation Networkd are able to apply for funding for KCLSU Events (i.e Welcome, One World, etc.).



Development Fund 2021-2022 Application Dates:
  • Window 1:30th July at midday - 20th August at midday (Core & New Initiatives funding for STUDENT ACTIVITY GROUPS ONLY, Welcome funding for student activity groups, sports clubs & networks)
  • Window 2: 15th October at midday - 5th November at midday (Core & New Initiatives funding for STUDENT ACTIVITY GROUPS ONLY
  • Window 3:17th December at midday - 14th January at midday (Core & New Initiatives funding for STUDENT ACTIVITY GROUPS ONLY, Student Volunteering Week funding for student activity groups, sports clubs & networks)
  • Window 4:25th March at midday - 15th April at midday (Core & New Initiatives funding for STUDENT ACTIVITY GROUPS ONLY)


Liberation History Month Funding


Liberation History Months are run throughout the year to celebrate strides made in the struggle for liberation, to reflect on past and present day oppression and to challenge racism, misogyny, ableism, transphobia and homophobia, in all its forms; both locally and nationally. Liberation History Months are a time when people from all backgrounds can come together to explore liberation issues and discover what they can do as individuals to fight oppression.


Trans Awareness Week Fund - OPEN NOW! 


Trans Awareness Week runs from 13th-19th November and aims to celebrate and inform the King’s community of Trans contributions to society, as well as raise awareness of key issues and campaign for Trans rights. This year our theme of the campaign is: Towards Health Equity. Trans Awareness Week Funding is now OPEN and available to all Networks, Academic Associations, Campaigns, KCLSU Societies and Sports Clubs to fund initiatives, projects and events in support of the campaign.


Deadline for applications: 12th November 12pm



Disability History Month Fund - OPEN NOW! 


Disability History Month runs from 22nd November - 17th December and aims to celebrate and recognise disabled individuals' lives and struggle for equality, as well as to challenge disablisim by exploring oppression over time. This year the national joint themes of the campaign are: Disability and Hidden Impairments and Disability Sex and Relationships! Disability History Month Funding is now OPEN and available to all Networks, Academic Associations, Campaigns, KCLSU Societies and Sports Clubs to fund initiatives, projects and events in support of the campaign.


Deadline for applications: 15th November 12pm





KCL Internationalisation Fund


Internationalisation Funding is available to all KCLSU Activity Groups and Societies to increase the multicultural dimensions of the student experience and open access to more diverse group of students. This fund can be specifically used for events where two or more societies collaborate for an event. These events can be planned already or be in the process of planning for the future.



Apply for the internationalisation fund here!




King's Community Fund - OPEN NOW! 


Do you have an innovative idea on how to improve the King's community? You can now apply for the King's Community Fund to make it happen!


Applicants can bid for between £750 and £10,000 for each project. The fund can cover things like equipment, promotional materials, online event costs and training. The fund is made possible through donations from King's alumni and is there to support ideas and projects aimed at improving our King's community or for being part of something with fellow students.


The King’s Community Fund is there to help make your big ideas happen!


Click here to see the full guidance


Open – From now


Closing date 21st November 2021


Shortlisting Panel and Decision- 22nd November


Presentation – 24th November


Successful students contacted 25th November


Please contact [email protected] with any questions.





The Widening Participation Fund


Supporting you to make a difference.


What is the WP Fund?


The WP Fund is a pot of money which Kings students can apply to for up to £500 to fund a widening participation initiative/project which they have designed and will deliver. Any funding provided covers the costs of delivering your project such as equipment, textbooks and software. We are currently only accepting proposals for online delivery projects due to health and safety. We generally only accept proposals from a student society/group/club/committee rather than solely an individual student.




What does Widening Participation mean?


This means supporting and encouraging students from underrepresented backgrounds to apply for and access higher education. If you believe that your background should never be a barrier in accessing education, then getting involved in WP is a great way to support the mission of social mobility.




How to apply


For more information on the criteria for submitting a proposal and the application process head to this page and find inspiration from past funded projects here.




Project Planning Training


If you and your society/club/group want to run a WP project at least one person from your group will need to attend a Project Planning training session. To sign up to one of these sessions click here. If you are hoping to run a WP project which requires no funding, at least one person still needs to attend Project Planning training.