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Chronicles of a Student Representative in the IoPPN Online Master’s Community


Hey everyone! 

I hope this message finds you well in the vast and diverse community of IoPPN online master’s students. I'm thrilled to step into the role of student representative for our fellow learners based in China. 

From June 2022, amid the ongoing challenges of the pandemic in China, as a residence in Shanghai, it was an interesting time for me to take on the enrolment advisor role for King’s online courses. What struck me most was the growing interest in mental health studies in mainland China. This led me down an unexpected path, and I soon became a student myself in the Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health online MSc course. 

Over the past year, our alumni community has flourished into a diverse and dynamic group. With an average age of 36, our members bring varied professional backgrounds and life experiences, often juggling commitments to work and family. It's truly a privilege to continue our education without upheaving our lives, although it comes with its unique set of challenges and expectations compared to other King’s alumni. 

While the online platform offers us a friendly environment, full of features and opportunities, we're always on the lookout for more possibilities. As a student representative, I feel honored and, I admit, a tad jealous of the onsite events and gatherings. Nevertheless, my commitment is to facilitate communication between the university and our unique group of alumni, ensuring that feedback is heard and university resources are shared. 

I'm excited to announce that I'll be organising some offline events here in mainland China for our online alumni. These gatherings will provide opportunities for face-to-face interactions, idea exchange, and potentially even career development – a perfect fit for a community with diverse backgrounds in the mental health field. Whether you have your own clinic, are an experienced therapist, consultant, or are just stepping into the field, our alumni network is a valuable resource! 

As your representative, I'm also keen to share our learning experiences with prospective students considering online courses. There's so much we've gained from this journey, and I believe our insights can guide others in making informed decisions. 

Lastly, a bit about me – my background might be a bit different from the majority of our alumni. With 20 years in international education in China, I've had two successful startup companies and, yes, two unsuccessful attempts with restaurants in Shanghai. At 40 years old, I'm proud to say I'm still learning, and I look forward to this exciting journey together. 

Here's to a thriving online community and the shared passion for mental health! 


Zheng Fan 


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