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This Girl Can

It's This Girl Can Week - from 19th to the 25th November

Submit your motion for NUS Conferences

As a member of the National Union of Students, we all have a right to propose policies, or ‘motions’ to be discussed at NUS Conferences, to create.

Term One Report: What has Jessica been up to?

Find out what I've been up to in my first term as an officer.

Bush House Sessions

Find out more about our event series and how you can get involved.

Black Friday is coming!

The Black Friday sale is coming to The Union Shop on 23 November

Term One Report: What has Robert been up to?

Find out what I've been up to in my first term as an officer.

Term One Report: 6 things I am doing for you!

What I've been up to over during the first term

Slice The Price

Find out how you can help further last years campaign!

TFL Bus Consultation

TFL is proposing to make major changes to bus routes in London particularly those that serve central London. Some of the bus routes that will be affected go to our campuses.

Is your home fit for study?

The National Union of Students is conducting a confidential survey with students to find out about the accommodation you live in at university.

KCLSU Union Development

Got an idea to improve student communities?

Sips of the World

Make your own cocktail or mocktail!

Time to Change’s ‘Ask Twice’ campaign

Time to Change’s ‘Ask Twice’ campaign is coming to King’s. This campaign aims to move further towards breaking the stigma around mental health with the simple question ‘How are you?’.

Black History Month

Update on the end of Black History Month

KCLSU needs you! £30 to help us shape the student experience

This is an exciting opportunity to meet and discuss life at KCLSU with fellow students and help shape our plans for the next 6 years.
You will receive £30 cash in hand for your time!

International Student Leadership Conference

The National Union of Students is holding its annual International Student Leadership Conference on 12th Nov 2018

Black History Month 2018

Black history month remembers and celebrates the contributions of people of black African and Caribbean descent across the world looking at their history, challenges and journeys.

Postgraduate Social

It was great meeting you all at our postgraduate welcome events. We want to create more opportunities for postgraduates to take time out and get to meet other students across KCL.

Officers on Tour

Hi everyone! This week we’re restarting SABBS ON TOUR which is our drop-in sessions where we sit in easily accessible places on campus.

Become a Student Panel member

Would you like to gain experience which could help you in your future career whilst also giving back to the King’s community?

World Mental Health Day at King's

This year's theme of World Mental Health Day on 10th October is 'The Mental Health of Young People in a Changing World.

Autumn Elections 2018 are coming!

Elections are around the corner - have you got what it takes?


jessica welcomes all the new students and postgrads at King's

Guy's Campus Quad

Some info on the Guy's Campus Quad Marquee and the delayed refurbishments.

Mental health and wellbeing
Mental Health

Fresher year is a wonderful opportunity for you to get involved in student life! Manage your time well, make time for regular study (or, if you’re studying all the time, for regular relaxation), and you’ll have a much easier time.

Spotlight: Kings of Sport Day (KCL Rugby)

Kings of Sport was a day for local, white working class boys to come to King’s, meet students, and learn what the university has to offer them.

Spotlight: KCL Pharmacy Society

KCL Pharmacy Society created a four-week outreach programme for year 10/11 students at ARK Globe Academy.

Bush House fully opens

After saying goodbye to the Macadam Building last week we have moved into our new Bush House Space.

Momin Saqib - The Year Ends

I take a moment to reflect on my time at KCLSU, and at King's and the many projects I've worked on.

Momin Saqib in Nigeria
Momin in Nigeria

President Momin's account of his trip to Nigeria - 'one of the best and most uplifting moments of my life'.

Time running out for 'Better Heating on Campus' campaign

This KCLSU Proposed Campaign needs our support

Big win for KCLSU Campaign

But the campaign team still need your help to secure better Tuition Free Instalment Plans

Farewell Waterfront

Save the date for our best and last Waterfront events!


All we need to know about today's local election.

‘Not every disability is visible’

Has gained enough signatures to become a KCLSU campaign

Momin statement against allegations
Photo of Momin Saqib, KCLSU President

KCLSU Presidents asks students to come together to fight bigotry and hatred in response to allegations.

Spring Elections 2018 update

All of the successful candidates have now been announced!

“Core books to be provided for modules”

Sign this petition to make it a KCLSU campaign.

Congratulations to the LGBT+ Society

NUS LGBT+ Society of the Year winners!

"Fairer assessments for all"

Sign this petition to make it a KCLSU campaign.

New Chief Executive for KCLSU
Denis Shukur

KCLSU President, Momin Saqib, announced today the appointment of Denis Shukur as the new Chief Executive for KCLSU.

Libertarian society event
KCLSU logo

Last night an event organised by the KCL Libertarian Society had to be cancelled. The Police attended and we are fully co-operating with their investigation.

Women's History Month 2018

Let's celebrate the women of KCLSU

'Support the UCU lecturers’ strike!'

An update on this campaign from the lead student.

"Not every disability is visible"

Sign the petition to make it a KCLSU campaign.

Let's unleash our Inner Warrior!

King's and GKT women’s rugby clubs are joining forces to host an Inner Warrior camp.

New Chief Executive for KCLSU
Mo Wiltshire KCLSU outgoing CEO

Mo Wiltshire KCLSU’s current Chief Executive will be stepping down in June 2018. Search for a successor begins.