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October is Black History Month at KCLSU!

Every October, we come together to celebrate Black History Month (BHM), a time to honor the remarkable achievements and contributions of the black community throughout history. At KCLSU, BHM is not just a month; it's an opportunity to reflect on history, amplify voices, and embrace the rich tapestry of diversity within our community. The stories of our King’s Alumni like Desmond Tutu, Dr. Kenneth Onwuka Dike, Sylvia Wynter and many more inspire us all to strive for excellence and equality.

BHM highlights the importance of representation. It underscores the necessity for people from all backgrounds to see themselves reflected in history, media, and society, as this can inspire the next generation and create role models who demonstrate that anyone can achieve greatness, regardless of their background. These events encourage conversations about the ongoing struggles and challenges faced by Black communities. It provides a platform to discuss issues related to racial justice, social equity, and equality, fostering understanding and empathy among people from diverse backgrounds.

The core objective of the Black History Month is to empower our own black students to pursue their goals and raise awareness around the challenges they face during their journey. For non-Black students, BHM offers an opportunity to become allies in the fight for equality. It's a time to learn, reflect, and support initiatives and movements aimed at addressing racial disparities and promoting social justice.

Throughout October, KCLSU is hosting a series of events to celebrate and educate our community about Black History. On the 16th October you can attend a talk by Professor Funmi Olonisakin, at 5:15 PM, Bush House SE 1.01 (Officer Event by Hassan Ali - Vice President for Welfare & Community).

Our events offer a historical perspective on the struggles and triumphs of the Black community. The resilience and determination shown throughout this rich history can inspire us to persevere in the face of adversity. These events often bring Black students together to celebrate their shared history and culture, and this sense of community can be a source of support, encouragement, and solidarity to develop a sense of pride in their heritage and identity. 

This Black History Month, let us come together to celebrate the past, present, and future of the black community. It's a time to reflect on the progress we've made and the work that remains. Join us at KCLSU for a month of enlightening events and inspiring stories as we honor Black History Month!


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