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KCLSU Students' Elections are coming – here's everything you need to know.

Our story begins in 1873 when the oldest Students’ Union in the UK was formed with the ambition for all students to have their say in shaping their university experience.

Becoming a student leader can be incredibly rewarding, and with a variety of student leader roles available, there’s something for every ambition in this year's KCLSU Students' Elections.

Here's everything you need to know ahead of Nominations.


Nominations: Monday 29 January – Monday 19 February,

You will have three weeks to put yourself forward for the following positions:

  • 6 x Elected Student Officer roles
  • 4 x Student Trustees to sit on KCLSU's board
  • Student group committee positions (such as presidents and treasurers) 
  • Academic Association committee members
  • NUS Delegate roles

To stand in your student group's elections, you must have purchased membership to your group/society/club from the KCLSU website.

Memberships will freeze at 10am on Monday 29 January, so make sure you have bought your student group membership before this date!

Candidate Briefings: Monday 19 February – Tuesday 20 February

  • Those who have put themselves forward for a Student Officer or Trustee role will be invited to mandatory sessions which will help candidates understand the elections process and other key information.

Meet the candidates: Tuesday 27 February

  • Head to KCLSU's Elections page to view all the candidates standing for election this year. Make sure you read their manifestos so you can make an informed decision.

Polls open: Monday 4 – Thursday 7 March

  • Voting takes place in person (10am-4pm) and online (8pm-8am) via the KCLSU website. However, voting closes on Thursday 7 March at 4 pm at the in person polling booths.
  • You can vote via the KCLSU website. All members must be logged in to vote.
  • Check out our Elections page to read candidate manifestos before casting your vote.
  • If you experience any difficulty while voting, please reach out to the KCLSU Students' Elections team.

Results: Friday 15 March

  • Keep an eye on our website as we'll announce the results of the KCLSU Students' Elections here.
  • Please note that there may be longer loading times on our website due to increased traffic during the candidate announcements, voting and results periods.

KCLSU Students' Elections are your opportunity to create your legacy and make positive change for all King's students. To begin your student leadership journey and learn more, head to


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