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How to cope with stress and look after your mental wellbeing

Staying in tune and aware of your mental wellbeing is always important, no matter the circumstances. This is especially true whilst you're at univrsity, as different pressures acting at the same time can distract and divert you from taking sufficient care of yourself and your wellbeing.


Manage your time well

The first step to being less stressed is to manage your time in an efficient way. It is easy to see things pile up and to feel overwhelmed. Be organised, and focus on prioritising. Indeed, it often helps to work smarter and not harder and concentrate your efforts on the most important tasks.

Good tips for managing your time better include making a to-do list, sorting out your agenda so that you have everything in one place, and setting clear and achievable short- and long-term objectives.

Finally, don’t forget to take time off! While optimising and prioritising your time is important, it is just as important to have moments where you can relax. Making sure you get enough regular sleep is something else that is often overlooked.


Managing your expectations

Your own expectations can often be a source of stress. Going to class, writing coursework, studying for exams, applying to further studies or even jobs can easily feel a bit overwhelming. Many students think they should be able to do it all at once. Taking some time to breathe and realizing that you cannot be expected to do everything right is important in managing stress.

It is okay not to be in the best of forms every day, just like it’s okay not to excel on every test and exam or have a job ready right after you graduate. Realising this can help reduce stress and make you more productive!


Hopefully, you have found this blog post useful, and remember to pace yourself!

To discover more resources to help you take a  break, visit our Take Time Out page.


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