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Why you should get involved in a student group, according to students who did

Dance Society at welcome fair

Getting involved in one of KCLSU’s many societies and sports clubs is one of the best ways to broaden your social circle, meet new friends, and get more involved in life at King’s. Alfie and Sude have been part of multiple societies during their time at university and spoke to us about how getting involved shaped their uni experience.

Alfie, a captain for GKT Men’s Football, told us that being part of a club was one of the highlights of his time at King’s. “Having societies to build up your friendship base where you guarantee you’ll have similar interests is amazing,” he said. He emphasised that the first year is the ideal time to get involved in groups that interest you since the academic pressure often isn’t as high and there’s more time to explore new hobbies. Alfie also expressed that students might not always get on naturally with coursemates, so taking part in activities through KCLSU increases their chances of meeting people they click with. 


Students playing football

Alfie also worked as the Sports Editor for Roar News, and told us that he had never done formal sports writing before— it was through joining societies that he became interested in it and gained experience. He recommends that students get involved in a range of activities to discover more interests, and take advantage of the opportunities to try new things. “Another COVID could always be round the corner and you’d regret not doing as much as possible,” he said.

Sude has been involved in societies for all three years of her university experience. This past year she was the Welfare Officer for the Intersectional Feminist Society, working to make their events more accessible as well as being an approachable and understanding person for anyone who needed support. 


Students speaking at welcome fair in 2021

Sude expressed that being part of a society enabled her to make friends outside of her course and year who she wouldn’t have met otherwise. She also said that taking part in the planning of events put her in contact with people and gave her connections which will help her in her professional and personal life. “Not only has it made me feel more strongly connected to my university community, it also positively impacted my studies by providing me opportunities to gain life experiences related to my course,” she said.

Sude encourages everyone to get involved in a society, even if they feel unqualified. “It is not at all as intimidating as it might appear from the outside,” she said. “When you are working in a society committee, opportunities and connections you wouldn't expect find you.”


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