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Caste Discrimination

Our KCLSU President, Mohd Yasir Khan, has been working towards the issue of caste discrimination.

Caste discrimination refers to the prejudice and systemic discrimination faced by individuals based on their caste status in society. This deeply rooted social issue is one that transcends many societies and cultures, resulting in inequitable treatment and restrictions of opportunities. Historically, caste-based discrimination has been prevalent in the sub-continent.


Recognising the importance of this issue, many leading academic institutions, such as Brown University and Harvard, have already conducted substantial research and implemented policies aimed at combatting caste discrimination. Brown University has held several forums and seminars focusing on bringing awareness to this issue, while Harvard has conducted in-depth research to further understand the caste system and its modern implications.


Emulating these commendable efforts, Yasir has been persistent in bringing the issue of caste discrimination to the forefront at King's College London. He has shown commendable energy in getting this issue addressed. Yasir's commitment to addressing the issue of caste discrimination has taken him beyond the boundaries of King's College London. In his relentless pursuit of knowledge, he also visited Brown University to get the insights from the experts. This has offered him to bring a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and nuances surrounding the issue of caste discrimination to us. We are pleased to announce that his hard work has led to a momentous commitment in principle from the King's administration, highlighting that they have decided to recognise caste discrimination in their future policy. While this decision marks a huge milestone, the journey of having and implementing complete measures to combat caste discrimination has only just begun. We will be sharing the updates of the policy with you all soon.


Additionally, Yasir, as the Chair of the KCLSU Board of Trustees, has also successfully gained approval from the Board of Trustees to get caste discrimination included in our future policies, within the SU. This will ensure that our Union takes a firm stand against all forms of discrimination and promotes an inclusive and equitable environment for all.


This initiative is a critical step towards enhancing equality within our community. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to Yasir for his unwavering dedication and commitment to this cause.


We look forward to keeping you updated on this initiative.


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