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Goodbye from our 2020/21 Student Officer Team

This week, we say goodbye and good luck to the 2020/21 elected Student Officer team. Despite the last year being unusual and extremely challenging, our team of fantastic officers has continued to support students throughout their time in (virtual!) office. They have all achieved so much throughout their time with us, and we’ll miss having them around!

We asked them to reflect on their time with the Students' Union and tell us a bit about what they have planned next:


Salma Hussain

King's College London Students' Union President 2020/21

"Change reminds us of what is important."

I am not the best President of KCLSU, but I have been the best President I could be. For example, I started the Mousewatch campaign; I helped secure no penalty contract breaks for students in King's Residences; I also organised One Last Roar: a series of in-person events 21st-25th June.

I will be moving on, but I will take with me the hope and enthusiasm all of you have shared in the darkest of times of this year. I hope I have done you all proud.


Niall Berry

King's College London Students' Union Vice President (Activities & Development) 2020/21

"I'll look back on this year as a foundation for future success."

This year has helped me grow and develop as a person, with new skills I never even considered I'd be learning. Through my work on projects like a sponsorship page and accessibility fund, I hope that I will be leaving KCLSU student groups in a stronger position than when I joined and will have a lasting impact on the community that has given me so much throughout the last four years. I'd like to wish you all the best for the future, whether you're continuing at KCL or moving on to other opportunities.


Vatsav Soni

King's College London Students' Union Vice President Education (Arts & Sciences) 2020/21

"I am immensely proud of all that the student body and the officer team has been able to achieve this year."

Working at KCLSU with my fellow officer this past year has been an incredible opportunity. I'd like to thank the student body for electing me as their VP of Education, and all the many colleagues at Kings and KCLSU have made the experiences incredible. Lastly, I'd like to welcome our incoming officer team and wish them a successful and enjoyable year ahead!


Ali Gibson

King's College London Students' Union Vice President Education (Health) 2020/21

"You are all amazing!"

You may not feel you've made any change, but every time someone speaks up against injustice or structural flaw/discrimination, those ancient structures crumble a little more.

From Town Halls to getting KCL on board, initiating a new Health Faculties Student Experience Committee, etc., there will never be a way to know if this is enough.

I've also come on a personal journey some of you may have observed, changing my name partway through to reflect me better and whom I feel that I am.

If you see me around campus in September, don't be afraid to say hello! (Have I mentioned I'm going back into Medicine this year?)


Heena Ramchandani

King's College London Students' Union Vice President (Postgraduate) 2020/21

"The student community at King's has been incredibly resilient, and it has been an honour to have the opportunity to represent them."

This year has been eventful. The student community at King's has been incredibly resilient, and it has been an honour to have the opportunity to represent them. A shout out to all the staff members at KCLSU and King's who have made this journey so remarkable and one I'll cherish forever and ever! Hope we all come out of these trying times stronger and in a better world. Good luck, and thank you for everything.


Tasnia Yasmin

King's College London Students' Union Vice President (Welfare and Community) 2020/21

"Thank you!"

I have had a brilliant experience representing you all this year; it has been an honour being your VP of Welfare & Community. I want to thank all the students, staff and King's community who have made this year amazing, and I hope you continue to support the next officer team as much.


Best of luck and a HUGE thank you to Salma, Tasnia, Niall, Ali, Vatsav and Heena!  



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