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Looking after your wellbeing this exam season


Happy January! I’m Scarlet and I am a third year War Studies student here at King’s. As someone who typically completely ignores my wellbeing during exam season, I thought it would be a good time to write about the things I have done to help me take some time out and focus on myself. Sometimes you just need a person to tell you to stop and take a break whilst you are powering through a 24-hour library sesh on 2 hours sleep, so you can think of me as that person! 

Taking Time Out 

University life and exam season can be incredibly demanding. We need to take breaks every so often to give our mind and body a reset, allowing us to do our best and recharge our overall wellbeing. Lucky for you, the Wellbeing Team at KCLSU have arranged the Take Time Out initiative, running from the 8th – 12th January, aiming to encourage you to schedule in some time, away from your studies, to boost your wellbeing, take a break and connect with the King’s community.?Visit the events page to find out what’s on. 

Acknowledge when too much is too much


man sitting on chair covering his eyes

You want to make sure you are setting realistic expectations for yourself. This could be by breaking your tasks into small chunks, and doing a few of those rather than the whole task (no more essays in one day!). The most important part is to acknowledge when your mind is at capacity. Reading the same text over and over again without absorbing any of the information will not help in the revision process, it will just increase anxiety and make you feel worse. When you feel like this, try one of our self-care tips for exam season, such as deep breathing or getting out in nature. 

Ask for help