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Maintaining a Work-Life Balance during Reading Week

Wednesday 1 November is Stress Awareness Day, and also the middle of reading week for most students at King’s. In my 5 years as a student here, I have found that there are mostly two types of people when it comes to how they spend the week. The first kind tend to spend 24/7 trying to catch up on missed work, burning themselves out in the process…

The second kind, often use the week as an opportunity to put studying as far from their mind as they can; be it through taking a trip away from London, going out every night or just camping out on the sofa watching Netflix.

I have always been the second type of person, but this year I am determined to change that.

Ultimately, whichever type of person you are by default, without trying to maintain a balance, this leads to stress and anxiety.

If you are reading this, lucky for you, we have worked with the KCLSU Wellbeing team to compile a guide to maintaining a work-life balance during your reading week!

Make a study plan

Set clear goals, create a daily schedule, and prioritise tasks. Having a structured plan will keep you on track and motivated. You may want to start thinking about some assignments in advance, or to catch up on work from the past few weeks.


Make sure you take scheduled breaks for mindful relaxation. Self-care is the number one priority for reading week, so ensure you get enough rest and nourishment to be fully prepared for the next half of the semester. Some even go so far to argue you should spend at least one day completely separated from study and work altogether. Switching off temporarily from academics will allow you to refresh your mind so that when you do get back to studying you will have a refreshed concentration and energy.

Spend time with loved ones

You can spend your time off doing things that make you happy. Make time for quality moments with family and friends. This will allow you to disconnect from work or study related thoughts and enjoy their company. Make sure to follow the KCLSU Instagram (@kclsu) for ideas on fun activities to do in London!

Finding the perfect balance is a journey, but hopefully these tips can help you out! Remember, the KCLSU Wellbeing Team is always there for you to talk to, and you can visit the Wellbeing Hub, or the weekly What’s on Wednesday and Time Out Tuesday sessions. From 6th - 12th November KCLSU Wellbeing Team has loads of activities and events on offer to celebrate KCLSU Wellbeing Week 2023. Make fure to follow @kcluwellbeing on Instagram to stay updated on their initiatives



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