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Freshers' Week and Student Societies


London Freshers' Week offers more than just late-night parties and dancing. To fully embrace your initial weeks in the capital, it's essential to explore both your university's freshers' fairs and open fresher fairs. The rationale behind our recommendation is simple: attending these events will open doors to a wealth of opportunities and experiences for students in London that you might never have stumbled upon otherwise.

Discovering Societies

Your first stop at the KCLSU Welcome Fair will be to explore the diverse range of societies and groups that cater to your specific interests. From Quidditch societies for die-hard Harry Potter fans to Law societies designed for students keen on supplementing their degree with extracurricular activities among like-minded peers, you'll find a wide range of options.

If you're an international student, KCLSU hosts numerous national societies such as the French Society and Pakistani Society, most of which offer free membership. These groups provide a platform to connect with your cultural roots and forge friendships with individuals who share your background.

Societies serve as the ideal conduit to indulge in your extracurricular passions, no matter how unconventional they may seem. Freshers' fairs come with lots of freebies. You can expect to stock up on pens that will last you throughout the year, as well as get some food vouchers and endless tote bags.

Free Merchandise!

One of the highlights of KCLSU Welcome Fair is all the freebies you can gather just by being present. Societies frequently assemble enticing gift bags that might contain anything from branded pens and student planners to energy boosters and posters. Furthermore, local businesses often participate, hoping to win you over as a loyal customer. Don't be taken aback if you encounter Domino's handing out free pizza slices and discount vouchers.

Save with Drink Vouchers

As you navigate the fairgrounds, be on the lookout for representatives from bars and clubs, doling out mocktails and drink vouchers that will last you throughout the year. These vouchers are valuable far beyond Freshers' Week in London; they're a lifeline when your budget is stretched thin, or your loan runs dry.

Exploring Unique Societies

If you're seeking inspiration for what to explore during Freshers' Week, consider perusing the diverse array of societies available. Here's a selection from A-Z:

Becoming Part of Societies

Societies often set up stalls at the Welcome Fair, enabling you to sign up and receive updates on their activities. This way, you can seamlessly integrate into these communities and partake in their events. Additionally, if you don't find a society that aligns with your interests at your university, don't hesitate to create your own.

Exploring Sports Clubs

For sports enthusiasts, KCLSU boasts over 70 sports clubs, ensuring there's something for everyone. Whether your passion is football, hockey, or fencing, you're bound to find a club that suits your interests.


In conclusion, Freshers' Week goes far beyond nightlife and dancing. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of societies, collect freebies, save with drink vouchers, and explore your interests. By making the most of your time in London, you'll embark on an unforgettable academic journey.


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