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The art of storytelling is a part of all aspects of our lives and is used in many forms and fields.

Storytelling is not simply limited to telling a story, but we also believe it extends to politics, economics, science, as well as professional careers like medicine and law.

We want to engage with the emotions storytelling instills in a person.

We shall focus on the many modern forms where storytelling is used such as k-pop, anime, movies, etc as well as the traditional forms of painting, classical music, and literature.

We want people to be more aware of the art of storytelling, its modern usage across various industries and fields and give them the tools to understand it better and thus also understand themselves.  

We shall explore the world with this perspective, and learning how to use storytelling as a skill and would enable them to adapt and present themselves better in a competitive environment.   

For any further questions, you can reach out to us on Instagram, Email or Discord. Feel free to join our server where we'll be hosting online social activities on there:

What events do you host?

We host a range of events, such as:

  • Creative Writing and Character Customisation Workshops
  • Themed Games Nights (i.e., Trivia, Art, Collab-writing)
  • DnD sessions
  • Storytelling socials where we get to share our experiences and stories with one another
  • & more!

Membership Perks:

For the price of £2, you can buy a Standard or Associate membership for our society and:

  • Get discounted tickets for in-person events. (i.e. for Workshops, Scavenger Hunts, Socials, and more!)

  • Have the opportunity to help shape our society and share ideas on what events and other things you'd like to have as a member!
  • Join an inclusive and chill community!
  • Become eligible to vote and stand for who you wanna have for the next committee in the next elections! (Since KCLSU only allows members to vote)
  • Obtain the "storyteller" Discord role
  • Get a "Thank You!" doodle of a character of your choice from our Illustrator! (with certain rules* applying)
  • Support the KCL Storytelling Society, helping it keep on running.

*Rules for the 'Thank You!' Doodle:

  • Don't request anything that breaks our rules, such as offensive imagery/symbolism, hate speech, or explicit content.
  • This is not a commission. The Illustrator can doodle the character however they wish as a gift.

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