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Welcome to the KCL Anime & Manga Society 2023/24! 

Whether you consider yourself an animanga veteran or if you're completely new, anyone is welcome to join!

We are super, super excited to be doing in person events again this year, although we will strive to keep our events open to online options for those online-only weebs. Come join us and share or discover an interest in anime and manga and maybe even cosplay >.< 

We have our first event on Monday 25th September, the Icebreaker event! Where there will be quizzes, competition and maybe even merch prizes 0.0

For this year we have our usual regular screening events every Monday, where we will vote on a two or three animes that we will watch together. Other than that we have monthly events on Thursdays, including manga meetups, movie screenings, special events or collaneil turkbs and cosplay workshops. Then we have our biggest and best event, the maid cafe, at the end of the semester! 

So please signup, the membership is free and it helps us convince the SU we exist ;), join our discord and socials and come weeb with us!

(Also don't buy the clothes on the right. I can't work out how to get rid of them : ))

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