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World Literature Society


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Hello, and welcome to the World Literature Society! We are a group dedicated to the celebration of anything and everything world literature.

What is World Literature?

In essence, anything! David Damrosch, noted literary scholar and authority on the subject, considers World Literature to encompass "all literary works that circulate beyond their culture of origin" (2003). The spirit of World Litearture, then, is evidently broad and inclusive.

We aim to expand this definition even further, asking the questions: Who decides what is circulated? Who is favoured, and who gets left behind by systemic biases? What makes something a "literary work"? 

The World Literature Society is a space in which these questions, and many more, will be considered and explored. From consecrated cornerstones of the Western literary canon, to films, music, and art from around the world, we strive to constantly push the boundaries of World Literature, and create and expand a new world canon. 

What do we do?

In our first year as a student group, we want to build an ever-growing, global community around a shared interest in learning about new literatures and cultures. This will be facilitated by frequent collaborations with other societies, socials and games nights, and monthly book clubs, to name a few exciting events to look forward to. 

We also provide platforms for big readers and language learners! We have a channel dedicated to book exhanges, where you can trade your pre-loved books for books others have enjoyed. Another channel is dedicated to connecting language learners with native speakers. Whether you're a complete beginner, just looking to practise, or proficient and willing to share your expertise, this is a fantastic way to connect with new people.

To find out more, feel free to contact us via Instagram, WhatsApp, or email, and look out for us at the Welcome Fair! 

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