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Podcasts to listen to before you start university

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It is difficult to find a higher education student who hasn’t had their perspective on life altered during their time at university. From on-campus experiences to ever-shifting dynamics in social circles, university students are constantly learning about and adapting to the challenges and triumphs of adulthood.


To help open your mind and get you thinking before your start at King’s, we’ve pulled together 10 incredible podcasts that will walk (and talk) you through everything from prehistoric civilisations and conspiracy theories and the consciousness of nature. There is no limit to the amount of intriguing content within the podcast world:


1. Under the Skin

Ever since enrolling in SOAS, English comedian/actor/activist Russell Brand has been very public about his spiritual journey, so much so that he started this podcast, which hosts some of the biggest names in academia to discuss societal structure, social class, gender economy and other points of interest/concern for young liberals.


2. Serial

This true-life podcast’s first season swept across America, telling the story of an 18-year-old Baltimore high school senior convicted of murder in 1999. Sarah Koenig retraces this young man's footsteps and tries to make sense of the case in this compelling investigative piece. 


3. How to do Everything

Ever wanted to know how to find water in a desert, or maybe how to snack quietly at the cinema? With the help of experts (and many jokes), hosts Mike Danforth and Ian Chilag of NPR answer questions about literally everything.



4. The Joe Rogan Experience

Presented by the man who can talk about anything to anyone, this podcast explores issues from every part of society. Rogan’s remarkable knack of engaging on various issues and theories whilst remaining objective is sure to reel you in.


5. Overdue

A perfect podcast for those of you that want to work through lots of books without actually reading them, Overdue will supply you with all the theories on symbolism needed to impress your next hinge date.  


6. The Wooden Spoon

On this podcast, four friends sit together to discuss life after university and redefine success beyond the textbooks. You’ll learn to turn your failures into ways to find yourself at university, and to see the world a bit more glass-half-full.



7. Pop Culture Happy Hour

Like actual happy hour, this podcast brings great joy in a short amount of time and encourages light-hearted debates about what we’re all watching. From Hollywood’s latest blockbusters to the most binge-worthy Netflix shows, NPHH covers it all. And yes, we thought the Cats trailer was weird too.


8. TED

No podcast roundup would suffice without TED! Surprisingly, this audio hit just missed out on the top ten listened to podcasts in 2019, but is still one of the most famous. TED scours the globe for some of the most influential and innovative individuals to bring you powerful and equally inspiring lectures.


9. 99% Invisible

This podcast is all about design and the ways it affects us on a daily basis. With episodes rarely going over 15 minutes, 99% Invisible provides the perfect espresso shot of information.


10. Stuff You Should Know

From moon landings to coconut cults, SYSK takes you on a bonkers journey of answering all the questions you’ve ever googled while bored. Bonus, the random facts you pick up while listening will be great icebreakers in your first lecture.  



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