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Empowering Transformation: A Journey as a Student Representative at KCL

While becoming a student representative was not initially my priority upon enrolling at King's, the invitation to participate, received via email, aroused my curiosity. Despite having served as a representative in my previous university, this was the first time a university trusted me with such great responsibilities.? 

Assuming the role of a representative provided a unique opportunity to familiarise myself more with my peers and really understand their points of view towards the program. Our role extends beyond a platform for venting frustrations; it recollects feedback and facilitates inquiries about academic modules. However, this responsibility did not appear out of the blue; we had to attend several induction and training programs, where we had the opportunity to meet other fellow reps and learn from their experiences with such a prestigious role. 

This experience has proven to be transformative, contributing significantly to my personal development. Serving as a representative is mutually beneficial, positioning us as liaisons between module leaders and students. As such, we must remain alert of upcoming events and deadlines, as we are expected to be equipped to address any inquiries our peers may pose. 

Aside from forming a connection with our class, we also experience the opportunity to form a closer bond with our module leaders and program directors, since we address the comments our classmates have. I have been very fortunate to work with such smart and comprehensive people, and I am sure the discussion between the student’s comments regarding the program has been taken into account to make sure the Digital Marketing Msc keeps improving for the students’ sake. 

The role of a representative also imparts valuable lessons in teamwork. By collaborating with two other representatives, we complemented each other to ensure all aspects of our responsibilities were diligently attended to. However, the role is not solely characterized by hard work; representatives also gain access to training programs, workshops, and events that enhance our postgraduate experience, often at no cost. 

We did not get to King’s by being “lucky”, we got here because we worked hard to earn a place in such a renamed university, so we have to take every opportunity that would be the path to a better version of ourselves. My advice? If you are given the chance to be a representative, don’t hesitate to be the change your program needs. 


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