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A Guide to Our Spaces

People sitting on beanbags in Bush House

The Venues

Our venues can be roughly split into three categories: cafes, bars and shops. You've probably come across these as they tend to be our most popular spaces to grab a bite to eat, chill out between lectures, and enjoy yourself at the end of a busy day!


The Cafes

The ground floor of Bush House’s South East Wing is home to one of our cafes, the Shack, while our second café, the Shed, is located on Guy’s Campus. Both serve up hot drinks, pastries, sandwiches, and our signature brownies.


The Bars

Meanwhile our bars are The Vault and Guy’s Bar. As the name would suggest, Guy’s Bar is located on Guy’s Campus (one floor below the Shed), while The Vault is on the lower ground floor of Bush House. Both bars also operate as restaurant like spaces during the day, offering more hot food like mac and cheese, fries and chicken goujons. You can expect a wide variety of events to be happening here from Bingo to Sports Nights, and even some Cult Quizzes.


The Shop

Finally, our Union Shop is a go-to for all your King’s merch: hoodies, t-shirts, and stationary… you name it, we’ve created it with the uni logo so you can show off your King’s Pride proudly! The shop is located in Bush House, but can also be accessed online here if the Strand is not your usual campus.



The Meeting & Activity Rooms

Meeting and Activity Rooms are spaces provided by the SU for societies and student groups. Bush House is home to three Meeting Rooms, while Guy's has two.

Activity Rooms are also located at Bush House, six in total of different sizes, specifically designed for varied activities and will include spring flooring, stackable furniture, and AV facilities. Guy's also has four Activity Rooms with the same ameneties. 

You can find out more about how to book these spaces as a student group here



The Study Spaces

Although since the pandemic we have worked with students to create more informal study spaces across campuses (these change subject to availability and the term time period), there is one official Study Space at Strand Campus on Level 7 in Bush House where you can study between lectures. The space is kitted out with charging ports, and even some booths so it's perfect for those group-study sessions, and you'll never run out of battery!



The Every-Little-Helps Spaces

KCLSU Hubs are support desks at each campus where you can access a range of KCLSU services in person. Located on every campus, Hubs are staffed by students and provide a range of services currently offered by the students' union.



The Chill Out Spots

The Strand and Denmark Hill SU Spaces are also home to some chill out spots for when you just need a break between classes or lectures to do your thing. They're located in Bush House and the IoPPN building respectively, and are both quite versatile with what you can do in them. For example, the Meadow in Bush House is full of beanbags where you can have some much needed rest, while Denmark Hill's space even has a TV for you to plug in your games console and play. 

Don't forget, we also have nap pods across the various campuses for all your snoozing needs!



The A-Bit-Of-Everything Spaces

The Studio is a versatile space located on the Ground Floor of Bush House's South East Wing. It can be used as a cinema, a dance studio, an exhibition space, and much more. It features a projector for film screenings, as well as wall-to-wall mirrors and spring flooring for dance/martial arts or other activities.


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