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Wellbeing Week 2023 is here!

What is Wellbeing Week? 

From 6th-12th November it's Wellbeing Week at KCLSU. Check out our initiatives?here

Wellbeing Week at KCLSU is a time to discover ways to make us thrive and support our wellbeing. We all have incredible potential that we can fulfil best when our physical and mental wellbeing is flourishing. 

This week is a time for you to think about your welfare, carefully. Reading week has just finished, you may have been curled over a laptop all week, or struggling to find where to start. You may feel like you are behind, or need to work even harder to meet your deadlines, but remember that without a healthy mind and body, it will be difficult to be your best. 

KCLSU runs a number of initiatives throughout the year to promote students’ wellbeing. Time at university can be incredibly strenuous both with workload and social life and juggling different commitments can be difficult. This week, it is especially important that we take time for ourselves. We have prepared an array of different events to help us do so. 

What’s on? 

We have selected 5 events below for you to take a look at, but there is so much more going on! Take a look at the events page

1. Mini Massages - The Studio, Bush House

Stop by for a free mini massage! Our masseuse will do a short hand and head massage to help you switch off and relax! 

2. Pizza and Ping Pong - The Studio, Bush House

Come along to The Studio at 1pm-3pm to meet new people over a game of ping pong and/or take on your friends! Free pizza provided but it is first come, first served!

3. Breathing Techniques + Guided Meditation - Guy's Campus

Learn breathing techiques to calm the mind and body, before being taken through a guided meditation which is aimed to take you into full relaxation.