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Guide to Waterloo Campus


Hey everyone!

Having spent 2 years at King’s and now serving as your Vice President Education (Health), I'm super excited to welcome you to our spirited Waterloo Campus. Nestled right along the Thames, this campus is a hub of innovation and social activity. Let’s dive right into the essence of what makes the Waterloo Campus special.

Waterloo campus is home to the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine (also at the Guy's Campus), Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy (also at the Strand Campus) and London Dental Education Centre (LonDEC) also at Guy's and Denmark Hill).

The Academic Hotspots

  • Franklin-Wilkins Building (FWB): FWB is the beating heart of the Waterloo Campus, housing an extensive library that spans two floors. This is where you'll find everything from science labs to lecture theatres, and it's often the venue for big events and workshops.


  • James Clerk Maxwell Building: James Clerk Maxwell Building, home to the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Principal and university administration. This building offers a stimulating environment for students with a passion for science.

Quiet Corners and Green Spaces

  • Waterloo Bridge: Just a few minutes away from the campus, this iconic bridge offers stunning views of London. It's a perfect place for some quiet contemplation.
  • Bernie Spain Gardens: Located along the Thames, these gardens are your nearest green getaway for picnics, outdoor study sessions, or leisurely strolls.

That’s a wrap on your primer to Waterloo Campus! I know it can feel overwhelming, but you’re not alone. I hope this gives you a comprehensive understanding of what each building at Waterloo Campus has to offer. Can’t wait for you to discover them yourselves!

As your Vice President Education (Health), my door is always open for questions, suggestions, or even just a chat.

Wishing you an incredible journey ahead, and here’s to making some of the best memories of your life at Waterloo Campus!

Janvi Jagasia

Vice President Education (Health)



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