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Mousewatch: Merry Mousemas!

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Merry Mousemas! This Mousemas, I bring to you the gift of combatting the King's mouse problem.

I met with King's again to discuss this pressing issue and there has been progress made. Since last year, there have been measures put in place to ensure the mice problem can be eradicated. However, due to a lack of footfall on campus, King's are unable to make determine whether these measures have proven effective. Next semester, when (fingers crossed!) we have greater level of footfall on campus, we will be able to make a better determination of how effective these measures have been.

In Wednesday the 9th December’s King's Senior Management Team Meeting, I also brought up the issue of mice. Now senior leaders across the university are aware of the issue but will also be bought up to speed in the next meeting about how KCLSU is planning to tackle this issue. The Audit and Risk Subcommittee of King’s College Council (the highest governing board of the university) have also agreed to discuss this mice issue in the next meeting in March.

Furthermore, the university have agreed to set up a joint King's&KCLSU group to look into the mouse problem, meeting regularly to discuss progress on the issue. If, as a student, you want to be involved in this group please email me at [email protected] and you can also be on it! Together we can eradicate the mice!

Have a wonderful, mouse-free Christmas!


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