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The importance of informed voting

As a King’s College London student, you are a member of KCLSU. This means that you are able to shape how both the union and university are run, and the easiest way to do this is voting! You’ll be able to vote for the six Full Time Officer positions, the Student Trustees, and any Academic Associations, Sports Clubs or Student Groups you are part of. Here’s why you should get clued up on your candidates before heading to the polling station.  

  • Get your voice heard

Only KCL students are eligible to vote in the KCLSU Students’ Elections.Most students will only get to vote in three KCLSU Students' Elections. Most students will only get to vote in three KCLSU Students' elections depending on the length of their course. Make these elections count: you’ll want to make sure you read the candidates’ manifestos carefully, since the candidates you vote for won’t just affect the university experience of you and your peers, but also that of students that come after you.

  • Have your say in the future of KCLSU and KCL

Being able to vote gives you the responsibility of shaping the union by deciding who is going to lead it. Voting means directly influencing which people will be driving change at KCLSU. Elected officers will be involved in key decision-making processes, such as how funding is spent and what campaigns should be prioritised. Make sure you’re represented by someone you trust and who aligns with your values. 

  • Gain experience with the democratic process

Voting in student elections gives you valuable experience in voting. This is particularly important in a year in which a UK general election and US presidential election will be held! Get down to a polling station to get a taste for what voting in a national election might feel like (though, of course, on a smaller scale).

At KCLSU, we use the single transferable vote (STV) system. This means that your second and third (and fourth etc) choices also matter. Though it’s great if you have a preferred candidate why not have a look at the other candidates to see whether they could take your second choice vote? 

  • Be represented effectively

Representation is a really important part of the democratic process, especially for marginalised communities. Voting means you’ll have a better chance of being represented by a candidate that can speak for you. Did you know that each officer role has its own remit? If you’re an active student group or club member, you may want to particularly read up on the Vice-President for Activities & Development, whereas if you’re interested in academics, the Vice-Presidents for Education or an Academic Association may be the ones to go. 

At KCLSU, we always want as many students to vote as possible. A higher voter turnout provides the election with more democratic legitimacy, meaning that we have a more accurate picture of what change the students want to see. And with more of the student body behind them, the elected officers will have greater leverage when campaigning for change. 



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