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Freshers' guide to campuses!


A very warm welcome to King’s Family to all my readers

I know if you clicked on this post, you are occupied with all kinds of thoughts and questions. What will King’s be like? Why are there so many campuses? God, this University is massive, how will I even figure my way through the campuses? It's London, how expensive will the food be? I hope they have some quiet spaces to unwind and relax for a bit.

First, let’s sit down, take a deep breath and read some positive affirmations!

‘It is going to be alright, I will conquer university life and its challenges just like I have done until now.’

‘Nothing will be as hard as it seems and King’s will support my journey.’

Time for my favorite affirmation, ‘KCLSU cares about me and my experience and they will be there and will help me figure out everything with their continued support!’

Now that we are optimistic and excited about our journey, let me walk you through King’s College London, its beautiful (but huge) Campuses, the amazing study spaces and some hidden gems.

One of King’s biggest campuses (and my favorite one) is Strand. May it be the magnificent newly built Bush House or the lovely King’s Building overlooking Somerset House, if you are based here you are god’s favorite! The KCLSU Shack on ground floor in Bush House South East building is an amazing place to socialize with your friends and have a good cup of coffee, however if The Shack is too crowded for you and you want a proper lunch and not just a coffee, head to King’s Kitchen or The Vault just one floor below, and choose from a range of healthy, delicious and balanced meal options at a subsidized price!

If you are someone like me who loves to study and get a lot of work done on the campus, the 7th and 8th floor KCLSU Spaces should be your go-to! While the 7th floor is a quiet space, the 8th is a little more relaxed with bean bags and comfortable sofas. You can also warm up your food in the microwaves available there or use some hot water to make yourself a good cup of tea!

Fun fact: Bush House also has plenty of terrace cafes, study spaces in every building and vending machines. On the 8th Floor of the Bush House Central Building, we also have a plant based café, called Roots.

Now if you want to eat your lunch in the Strand Building, the War Studies Dept on the sixth and seventh floor of King’s Building is extremely capacious, has lots of benches and wonderful views. Somerset House (especially during the Summer) is another great spot to unwind after a long day of lectures.

Just across the Waterloo Bridge, the Waterloo campus of King’s has some great study spaces too, with the contemporary style Waterloo library being every student’s top choice. Around Waterloo campus are various affordable but delicious food spots with one KFC just under 10 minutes from the Waterloo Building (Make sure you walk fast!)

While I myself am completely biased towards Strand Campus, I will give it to the people at Guy's, sure you have an amazing campus too when it comes to study spaces food and good views. With the help of my limited experience of Guy's and mainly through the assistance of my friends based at that campus, here are some recommendations you might like!

If you're on the hunt for a chill spot to crush that coursework, scribble down some notes, or just zone out while going over a lecture, I have got the lowdown on the coolest campus hangouts. First off, New Hunt's House library is the place to be if you're all about that study life. You'll find plenty of fellow academic warriors doing their thing. Snag a seat by the window about halfway up in the upper section. That way, you score the best view and dodge most of the noise. Oh, and don't sleep on the vintage vibes of the Wills Library in the Hodgkin Building – it's like stepping into a Harry Potter scene.

Feeling extra hardcore? Swing by the Gordon Museum. No, it's not the Hall of Faces, but it's got a library feel to it that's just the ticket for the dedicated studier in you. And hold onto your hats, cause we've got more options! If the sun's shining, the Quad's where it's at for a leisurely read. Or hit up Guy's Colonnade courtyards for another chill spot. Now, for the munchies, brace yourself for the ultimate foodie rundown.

Picture this: Sainsbury's is your saving grace on those days when trekking home feels like a mission impossible. It's practically on campus, conveniently located around the corner from New Hunt's House. Load up on snacks and meal deals, and you're set. Feeling the vibes of the new kid on the block? That's The Shed, just off Guy's Colonnade. It's buzzing with student energy, serving up café-style grub that won't break the bank. And guess what? Guy's Bar downstairs serves up pub food that's secretly amazing – think hearty meals for a fiver!

But wait, there's more! Every Tuesday, the Quad turns into a food lover's paradise with the Farmers Market. Get your taste buds ready for artisan pastas, sizzling paellas, and mouthwatering cakes. And when you're ready to venture off-campus a smidge, hit up Canela for brekkie and lunch delights. Right next door is Café Nawaz, a KCLSU tradition for night-time Indian food feasting. Expect the party vibes to kick in with some BYOB action.

Fancy something fancier? Borough High Street is calling your name with Padella and its to-die-for pasta dishes. But be warned: no reservations, so time your visit right. And speaking of fanciness, Franco Manca's got your pizza desires covered. Swing by Bermondsey Street for a slice of that cheesy goodness. And you can't forget about Borough Market, a food haven just around the corner. Sure, it might hit your wallet a bit harder, but it's a food extravaganza that's totally worth it.

And don't forget, the riverside is your oyster! A mere 10-minute stroll from Guy's Campus lands you by the water with a plethora of awesome restaurants. Don't miss Dim T, where you can chow down on pan-Asian goodness while soaking in the view of Tower Bridge. It's like a food adventure you won't want to miss!

Whether you are at Guys, Strand, Waterloo or Denmark Hill, I hope you have a lovely and a memorable time at King’s and this journey is something you cherish all your lives, like I do!

Sadaf Abbas Cheema

VP Education (Arts & Sciences)


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