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Five Trans* Influencers You Should Know About

Fox Fisher 

Artist and filmmaker Fox Fisher is not only a prolific creator, but also a dedicated advocate for trans equality, earning an honorary doctorate from the University of Brighton. Fox starred in the Channel 4 documentary “My Transsexual Summer”, aimed at raising awareness of UK transgender issues. This led to Fox founding My Generation, a film project centred on trans issues. With over 100 films created, Fox’s work serves to create positive change and increased trans awareness. 

Nikita Dragun 

Nikita Dragun is a YouTube personality, makeup artist and model. Her YouTube channel is a hub for makeup tutorials and vlogs, but it’s her openness about her own transgender journey and experiences that make her an influencer worth following. Nikita breaks stereotypes and empowers her followers to be unapologetically themselves. 

Shiva Raichandani 

Indian non-binary artist Shiva Rachandani’s works examine topics such as minority representation in media, mental health, and the necessity of social change. Breaking into the mainstream by challenging the heteronormative narratives of Bollywood, Raichandani appeared on both Britain’s Got Talent and India’s Got Talent with the London School of Bollywood, in addition to appearing at UK Black Pride, Pride in London, the London Queer Fashion Show, TEDx London, and Netflix on different occasions. They have also branched out to the production of their own film, Queer Parivaar, which explores LGBT+ interfaith love. 

Janet Mock 

Janet Mock, a former People magazine editor, gained her initial breakthrough in the media world. In 2011 she openly shared her experiences as a transgender woman in a Marie Claire article, later becoming a contributing editor. Mock authored articles about trans issues and also topics such as racial representation in television. Her memoir, “Redefining Realness”, is the first prominent memoir by a young trans individual who commenced their transition during high school. 

Ezra Butler

Tiktok star Ezra Butler, known as @lemon.squezzy on the platform, began to document his eating disorder recovery through empowering others to conquer fear foods, to then documenting his transition and radiating positivity and trans joy. Ezra offers support and encouragement, proving that it’s okay to grow and discover new aspects of one’s identity at any age.


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