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Why you should vote in this year's Spring Elections!

KCLSU Officer Banner, Salma Hussain KCLSU President

Voting is key in being able to make your voice heard. This year has been an awful year for most people. You elected us, as your student officers, to represent your needs and we have done this in the midst of pandemic, which was not on our radars when we ran. We have consistently bought up the concerns of all students whether that be tuition fee refunds, academic quality, hardship funding and more. Now it is your chance to elect your next generation of student representatives. By voting, you are directly influencing who has the ability to drive change over the next academic year. Vote for who you believe in. Vote to make a change.

Voting is not isolated to student officer roles, and NUS delegates and academic associations are equally as important. NUS delegates will be voting on important motions that NUS (the National Union of Students) will work towards long term, such as whether NUS should focus on the KCLSU proposed motion on tuition fee refunds. Academic Associations work closely with other representatives to ensure KCL changes for the better.

Voting is open from 1st to the 4th March, and you can then read their manifestos to allow you to decide who you think will represent students of KCL best. I am looking forward to seeing the candidate manifestos tomorrow and voting for the next group of changemakers (however cringe that sounds, it is true).

Find out more and vote here!



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