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Can Art Help to Reduce Stress?



As we gear up for exams and navigate the whirlwind of deadlines, it's essential to take a moment to breathe. April brings us not only the pressures of academic life but also the opportunity to reflect on stress and how we can manage it. 

15 April marks World Art Day, a global celebration of creativity and cultural diversity. It's a day to focus on the role of art in our world – from paintings and sculptures to music and literature, art enriches our lives in countless ways. But beyond its aesthetic appeal, art can help with stress relief in more ways than one. 

Given that it is also Stress Awareness Month, this is the perfect opportunity to look at the connection between Art and Stress Relief. Engaging in creative activities like painting, drawing, or crafting can have a profound effect on our mental health. Art allows us to express ourselves freely, channelling our thoughts and emotions onto the canvas. It provides a sense of mindfulness, grounding us in the present moment and offering a temporary escape from the pressures of life. 

So, how can you incorporate art into your stress relief toolkit? It's simple – just get creative! Set aside some time each day to indulge in an whatever speaks to you. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a total beginner, there's no wrong way to express yourself through art. Try your hand at sketching, doodling, or even colouring – the goal is to let your imagination run wild and let go of stress. Read this article on more ways art can help with stress relief. 

If you don’t fancy having a go at making art yourself, why not visit one of London’s many galleries? We have compiled a list of Free Galleries you can visit, as studies have shown this also helps to reduce stress. 

Finally, Take Time Out will be back from 29 Apr - 17 May and will offer relaxing arts and craft sessions. 

Wishing you all a peaceful and productive month ahead! 

If you are looking for other ways to support your Wellbeing, take a look at the King’s Wellbeing Hub which is full of resources you can look through at your own pace. 


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