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Do You Want Money From King's?

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Are you tired of paying thousands of pounds a year in fees to get quality education? Are you struggling to pay fees and your living costs during your time at King’s? Are you tired of paying your huge fees in only 2 installments?

Then you are in the right place - welcome to KCL Go Fund Yourself!


What is the campaign aiming to do?

The campaign aims to make quality education more accessible at King’s in financial perspective. This means we want to campaign to get:

  • Accessible funding students
  • Transparency of living costs and stop hiding the costs of studying at King’s through an informative document circulated by King’s to prospective students
  • Implement the 3rd installment for tuition fee payments at King’s


Why are we doing this campaign?

From research and a lot of discussion with students, it has been found that students are most impacted by fees and financial implications faced by living costs while studying in the heart of London. We, too, have been impacted this as much as you have and it’s time to change things. Financial hardships tend to affect a person’s mental health, especially students. Self-funded students and their families are burdened financially during their studies, which impacts their academic performance, even more as tuition fees are around the same time as winter exams.

Another reason is that the hidden costs are a barrier to education for students of various backgrounds and groups and currently, there is limited and inaccessible information about scholarships/bursaries even if they are available.


Why should you get involved?

We need your help and support to highlight the vitality of this issue to King’s and we can’t do this alone. This is for you! Whoever you are, you would not mind saving some money for that fancy thing you have been saving money for so long. We want to increased awareness so we can make a financial change at King’s. This is a combination of Fairer Funding for Postgrads and Slice the Price with many more additions.


How do we know that this is worth it?

Last summer, King’s approved and endorsed a discount for all students who want to continue at King’s to do a masters course, whether they graduated last year or 30 years ago. This has been a massive success and we want to continue for more.


How can you participate?

- Email us at [email protected] or [email protected]
- Keep an eye for more information on your social media and Weekly Officers Update
- Sign up at

We need your support!!


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