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Thanks for coming to the PG Boardgames Evening!

A group of people chatting around a table.


Following the event last Friday, I would like to thank you all for stopping by for a round of games and pizza, especially to those who came from campuses far away on a rainy night. I'm not sure about you but I had a blast hosting the event, carrying pizza boxes across security AND seeing all your happy faces having fun.

I would like to KCL Board Games and Tabletop Society for their collaboration, as everyone seemed to enjoy the games they had. Make sure you check them out here!

Lastly, keep an eye for MANY MORE postgraduate events throughout the year across other campuses too.

Here are some pictures from our event:





Thanks all for coming and I hope to see you at the next PG event!

Keep up with me on social media @kclsu_vpp to find out when the next event will be held.


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