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13 of the Most Unexpected Societies at King's

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At university, joining a society is one of the best ways to meet people who are just like you: they share your passions, goals and just understand you. Long gone are the days when universities solely boasted traditional societies dedicated to courses, countries, religions, cultures or politics: now you can still enjoy these, and so much more alongside! Students have the freedom to celebrate even the weirdest hobbies and interests – and the most wonderful. There’s literally something for everyone.

Here's a few you might not expect….

1. Run & Protect

Love the environment? Need an excuse to get fit? Run & Protect may be the society for you! Not only will you get to run through all the beautiful, undiscovered and famous sights of London, but you will also protect our city (and the planet!) by rescuing all of the waste and litter en route. Sporty and sustainable actually sounds really fun, right?

2. All the King’s Men

A society that releases their own DEBUT ALBUMS?! This all-male acapella vocal group have an amazing, distinct style with tight harmonies and original arrangements – you can even check them out on Youtube! At the Edinburgh Fringe they drew consistently large crowds, selling out their theatre multiple times and gaining rave reviews.

3. Knit’s College London

Stressed? Unproductive? Can’t concentrate? KNITTING TIME. Who knew? Research shows that knitting can relieve stress and increase productivity. So why not unleash your creativity – beginners aren’t just welcomed, they’re encouraged! On top of that, all Knit’s College London creations go to people in need. Join this society for a safe space to become a listener, learner and knitter! #knitsharelove


4. Students For Strays

Are you a dog person? Cat person? Who cares! This society is devoted to supporting ALL stray animals via NGOs. Fundraise and work as a volunteer with animals – with your only goal being animal wellbeing! Because come on, what is better than puppies and kittens?

5. Harry Potter Society

ACCIO MEMBERSHIP. Have you ever dreamed of your university being just like Hogwarts? Feel the magic of Harry Potter with frequent visits to HP-related locations, quizzes, pub crawls, and more!

Mischief managed.

6. Sexpression

Let’s get sexy. KCL Sexpression is a branch of a national network of students implementing comprehensive relationships and sex education in schools. Volunteer as a teacher and head out to schools all across London delivering lessons on STIs, sexuality, contraception and more. Impact your local community and receive KCLSU awards for your hours.

Want to be informed? Promote sexual health on campus with fab informative events such as ‘pizza & protection’ and ‘don’t be a prick’(!).

There are amazing socials all year round – you might even find yourself at a Drag night or two!


7. Luxury Lager Society

Motto: THE MORE THE MERRIER. The KCL Luxury Lager Society was founded in 2019 by three friends who were passionate about lager, and thus their enthusiasm transcended friendship and became a fully-fledged society.

Expect warm, educational discussions with industry experts, local London brewery tours and inclusive quiz nights. Maybe even attend a tutored lager tasting session!

8. Running-A-Mock

Improvisation? Impromptu performance? Stand-up comedy? Attend weekly rehearsals and instructive workshops on improv technique and performance at Strand Campus on Wednesdays throughout the term, trying out different performance styles and workshops. Share your own perspectives on techniques and styles and really engage with the improv community across London – I see you out there, future Peter Kays, Catherine Tates and Michael McIntyres.

9. Surfing

Surfing in Central London? Yep, I’m thinking exactly what you’re thinking….. London is undoubtedly the one of the best places in the world, but where the $*%@ is the sea?!

Never fear - if you fancy getting away from it all a few times a year, join KCL Surf Club. They organise trips both inside and outside of the UK, with awesome local socials all year in between. It doesn't matter whether you’ve surfed Pipeline when you were 10 or have never seen the sea before - so long as you're willing to relax and have some fun!


10. Hot Chocolate Society

Guys, this society is actually BETTER than drinking hot chocolate all day. KCL Hot Choc Soc is an initiative to help the homeless all over London. Their work and activities range from hosting outreach sessions, to approaching rough sleepers with hot drinks, warm clothing, and whatever is requested and within their means. Start conversations with London’s most vulnerable, share stories, fundraise and give the homeless a voice!

11. Equestrian Society

Nope, I didn’t think you could ride a horse in Central London either. But alas, KCL Equestrian Club is open to anyone interested in horse riding, at any standard. Whether you have ridden and competed all your life (and want to compete for KCL too) or have never sat on a horse before, they have something for you. Compete in BUCS leagues, or go leisure riding at any point in the year. Hacking is sometimes available too (again, in Central London?! – amazing).

12. Ultimate Frisbee

Hurling a frisbee around a field in a competitive team game at international level in Italy? COUNT. ME. IN. Ultimate frisbee is an exciting, agile, fast-paced team sport. You might have no idea what a frisbee is (a flying disc, btw) or be a veteran of the Ultimate Frisbee community - but whoever you are, you are welcome to join here at KCL – not forgetting the fancy dress socials, Christmas boat party, homemade Thanksgiving dinner and karaoke nights.

13. Uni Boob Team

BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS. Want to walk around campus dressed as a giant boob? Really, I'm not kidding! Then you should join the Uni Boob Team. In collaboration with charity 'CoppaFeel', you’ll encourage fellow students to grab their boobs or check their pecs on the lookout for cancer! Whether you're a guy, gal or non-binary pal you can fundraise in the craziest ways, from naked calendars to glitter ball nights, all whilst spreading lifesaving messages along the way!


  So why not try and join one of these societies?

  You can meet them and many more at our Welcome Fair on the 20th and 21st September!


  Rhiannon Owen,

  VP Education (Health) 19/20 


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