Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Updates from KCLSU and King's about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This is an unprecedented and rapidly evolving situation. We at KCLSU are continuing to represent your views at the highest levels of decision making at King’s. We are also changing how KCLSU serves its members and adapts to an increasingly digital world.

Please make sure to keep yourself updated with the detailed FAQs on the King's website and regularly check your King's email address ( for updates.

We've also worked on a page which summarises the current work taking place by your Student Officers and KCLSU to represent you in relation to the 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please have a read by clicking the button below!

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Serving our Members

KCLSU remains accessible to its members. To mitigate the risks of spreading the Coronavirus (COVID-19) through large groups coming together, our physical venues, activities including sports team training, spaces and activity rooms will be unavailable. However, we are accelerating our digital transformation to provide more of the things you love about KCLSU digitally.

Over the summer, much-loved events like the KCLSU Awards will still happen but move online. We have already seen great success with Take Time In helping to digitally improve all our wellbeing! We will also make more of our democracy digital, so over the next few weeks look out for the KCLSU Postgraduate Officer By-Election and our Annual General Meeting. Our student groups will also start to hold some of their events digitally.

Protecting our staff

Our staff are playing their part in reducing the spread of the coronavirus following the closure of our offices, spaces and venues. We will soon be applying to the government’s job retentions scheme to put on “furlough leave” some staff members who normally work in a KCLSU venue, shop or space that are currently closed. The jobs retention scheme means that these staff – majority of whom are KCL students themselves- are still able to sustain themselves and focus on their studies. Participation in the scheme is voluntary and KCLSU will top up the funding from government to make sure staff get 100% of what their average pay would have been.

Supporting our NHS

We're delighted that Guy's and St Thomas' NHS trust are using KCLSU’s The Shed and Guy's Bar to store and hand out gifts, such as food and clothing, to NHS staff. King's and KCLSU are also donating perishable stock to the NHS.

Finally, our thoughts are with all members of our community in what is an anxious time for all of us. We wanted to pay tribute to all the brave medical staff, scientists and researchers on the frontlines of this fight – many part of the King’s community themselves.

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