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SHAG Week Student Group Spotlight: It Happens Here


It Happens Here is a society that raises awareness about sexual assault and provides support to survivors. We share the same name with other similar societies in other universities such as It Happens Here Oxford, It Happens Here UCL and It Happens Here Newcastle and have worked closely with other like-minded societies in KCL and London.  

Past and Current Projects 

The founders of this society led by Miss Zoey Lyn established several initiatives when the society first began, including a peer support group, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu self-defence seminar and the “What Were You Wearing” exhibit

Since taking the helm, the new committee led by Mr Titus Soh has launched an editorial board, collaborated with King’s Poetry Society to publish a compilation of poems from survivors (which will soon be published in King’s Libraries) and organised a self-defence class in collaboration with Muay Thai Kickboxing. It Happens Here KCL has also formed a formal partnership with the emergency SMS service: Flare, which allows pre-set emergency SMS messages to be sent to a trusted contact with a one tap feature through the lock screen, ensuring help is just one tap away.  

Upcoming Campaign 

Scheduled to take place on 17 February, It Happens Here KCL will be spearheading a chalking event to raise awareness about catcalling and street harassment at Leake Street Arches. This event will be conducted with the support of KCL Intersectional Feminist Society and LSE Intersectional Feminist Society. This was inspired by Instagram pages such as @catcallsofnyc and seeks to raise awareness about how prevalent street harassment is; ranging from misogyny to sexism to racism. Leake Street Arches is a place where graffiti is legal. Hence, It Happens Here KCL will be providing participants with chalks and spray paint although participants can bring their own if they wish. Follow our Instagram @ithappensherekcl to find out more as we will be releasing the registration link soon! 

Lastly, It Happens Here is currently in the midst of discussing with KCL Professors on organising a four-part workshop to research campus safety through certain methodology. Stay tuned for more information!  

Support Services 

As a student led society, we are limited in our capacity. However, we have also narrowed down resources for survivors to turn to, should they require any assistance. You can find a list of support services who can help if you have experienced sexual misconduct here.? 

Reporting Procedures: You have a right to report from any instances of bullying, harassment or sexual harm at KCL and IHH is here to support you should you wish to. ? 

The existence of It Happens Here is a grim reminder of the terrible reality that many face each day. While there is only so much we can do as a student led society, we believe that every effort counts and hope that more students will be involved in our cause.  

Yours In Solidarity, 

Soh Yi Fei Titus

President of It Happens Here


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