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How to keep costs down during Welcome Week?


The Freshers Fair is a vibrant tapestry of opportunities which await you at KCLSU. As you are exhilarated to start your decisive and momentous university journey, each stall, each society can ignite your passion and be the inception of a new chapter in your life. 

Electrified. Excited. Overwhelmed. Skeptic.

There are all normal emotions, I alongside every fresher went through. What's equally normal is the tendency to inadvertently exceed your budget during this time. Well, consider this article a compass that will guide you through your fiscal expenses in your initial weeks. Your first expenses would probably be purchasing bedding and decorations for your accommodation room. Browse through options like Amazon Prime Deals, Argos, and IKEA for some really good quality and cheaper bedding. It is okay, you don’t have to go to John Lewis to buy a water mattress or a fluffy luxury pillow! When the freshers' fair lethargy kicks in, order takeout from cheaper apps like Just Eat rather than Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Pro Tip: Also download Indigo which lets you purchase unused food from restaurants at the end of each day. 

Amazon Prime comes with a free 6 month student subscription and you can get things delivered to your doorstep within quite literally a few hours. Also, if you link it with your deliveroo, it will also offer you free delivery on your takeout orders (thank me later). Consider the collaborative approach and trim the expenses for your Netflix or Spotify subscriptions with your friends to pay a fraction of the price for the same service. Or, if you are an international student, purchase these subscriptions with a debit card from your own country which will be significantly cheaper as these entertainment services in pounds are really expensive. I literally do this and pay £0.5 for my monthly Spotify subscription. Create a bank account for everyday spending with Revolut and sign up for UniDays, they have some really cool discounts on food, entertainment, shopping and makeup. 

Now when it comes to groceries, cooking at home is much cheaper than ordering food. Always have ingredients for one pot meals in case you don't feel like cooking. Avoid shopping from luxury supermarkets like Waitrose and shop at Co-op, Tesco or Sainsbury. Tesco offers decent meal deals with their club cards, and a Nectar card can make Sainsbury groceries much cheaper saving you £20-30 on your monthly groceries. Split supplies like dishwashing pods, kitchen towels, soap, air fresheners, sponges and other kitchen accessories with your flatmates. 

For transport, if you plan on coming to university 4-5 times a week by tube, it would be a good idea to order a Student Oyster Card which gives you a 30% discount on travel cards (not pay as you go). A Zone 1-2 monthly travel card will cost you £109 for unlimited travel, which I find to be super worth it. 

Lastly, try your best to buy Early Bird discount tickets for events with your friends. Trust me, this tactic will save you a considerable sum! As you dive headfirst into Freshers Week, these financial guidelines will serve as your compass, allowing you to strike a balance between soaking in the excitement of this momentous occasion and upholding financial sensibility. Remember, making prudent financial decisions at the onset of your university journey can set the tone for your overall financial well-being throughout your academic tenure. So, go ahead and relish Freshers Week to the fullest, all while staying firmly grounded in your financial goals!


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