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Get prepped for Exam Season

Exams are coming up, and we know it’s a stressful time for everyone. But there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you're prepared and ready to tackle them. Trust us—they’ll be over before you know it! 

Review the dates, times, and locations of your exams
It may sound obvious, but you don’t want any unpleasant surprises on the day of the exam. Make sure you know where and when your exam is being held, and if you have to travel to get there, plan ahead so you’re not scrambling to arrive on time. 


Go over the details
It’s a great idea to review some practical details such as the type of exam, time limits you’ll be given, and how to submit it after you’ve finished. Be sure to review any guidance you may have received from your department and familiarise yourself with the submission system. Don’t be afraid to ask your module convenor or contact your department if you feel unsure about the process.


Review the rules
It’s important to make sure you know what the rules are on taking exams both online and in person. Communicating with other students during the exam is not allowed. If your exam is online, collaborating with coursemates or texting about the exam content falls under academic dishonesty. It’s in your best interest to review the rules against exam misconduct and make sure you’re sticking to them, as KCL takes violations very seriously.


Prepare your space
If you’ll be taking exams online, it’s a good idea to set up your space beforehand and ensure you have a quiet spot with a good WiFi connection. Let household members know not to disturb you and make sure you have everything you’ll need set out beforehand.


Get a good night’s sleep
You’ve put in the work and you’re all ready to go—make sure you start the day of the exam off right by being well-rested and having a meal beforehand. You’ll be able to think much more clearly and show off all the studying you’ve done.


Know your options if you feel unwell
If you’re feeling unwell or otherwise unable to take the exam, you have options. Don’t force yourself to take it if it will be detrimental to your health or affect your work. KCLSU’s advice team can help you if you miss or cannot sit an exam. Check out our guide to mitigating circumstances here.

Best of luck—you’ve got this! Be sure to check out KCLSU Advice if you need any support. 


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