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10 Things to Know Before You Move Into Halls

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“Fire alarm?”

“Fire alarm.”

- The Fault in our Halls.


It’s happening guys, you’re going to be living on your own, in other words, you’re in the endgame now! For those of you that are moving into halls, it’s going to be one heck of an experience. University halls are where the strongest friendships are forged, where the best house parties are thrown, where the greatest wars are fought (whoever took my milk – I’m coming for you), and where you have some of the most fun nights of your life.

Living in halls prepares you for the real world just as much as university does, and when you pass by your old accommodation long after you’ve moved out, I bet you’ll say, “Damn I miss this.” So what do you need to know before you move in? Keep reading to find out!


1. Book your check-in slot:

For King’s accommodations, you can book your check-in slot through an Eventbrite link that you’ll receive via an email from King’s Residences. There will be Welcome Ambassadors at designated drop-off points who will assist you with moving some of your stuff in and provide information you might need on the day. You can also contact King’s Accommodations or your accommodation reception if you have questions.

2. Plan your route:

London has five international airports, an extremely efficient Underground tube system, regular buses, and a host of taxi services: overall, London is well connected. Apps like can show you the best modes of transport to get you to your destination, as well as the best routes to save time and money. Be sure to plan your journey in advance and arrive to your check-in on time!


3. Organise your things:

Check out our for a list of all the bits and bobs you’ll need to bring to make your uni room to make it feel a little more like home, and to avoid having a stressful first week!

4. Venture out past your room:

After you’ve settled in your room and unpacked your things, step out! There are going to be loads of people to talk to who are moving in as well and will want to say hello. Who knows, you might just meet your best mate in the laundry room – wouldn’t that make a great story?

5. Go to events:

There are events all year round, but halls are especially bustling with fun activities during Welcome Week. There are Pizza Parties, Welcome BBQs, TeaTox (Like detox but with tea, get it?) and more – have a look at them all.

6. Explore your surroundings:

Our accommodations have a lot of activity and interesting places to visit nearby, from pubs and museums to shopping malls - basically something for everyone! Be sure to have a look around – you never know, you might just find your “spot”. If you don’t feel like going on your own, invite your next-door neighbor or course mate across the hall to explore with you!

7. Be respectful:

No one likes being woken up at 3am by Metallica playing on full volume, literally NO ONE! Regardless of how similar your music tastes may be, please be respectful of the quiet hours between 11pm and 8am. Whether your flatmates are out partying or studying in the library, be mindful of how tired your peers while adjusting to uni in the first few weeks.

8. We’re always listening:

Not in some weird 1984 type of way – we mean we’re listening to your complaints, grievances and just anything you want to talk about, and we plan to act on your concerns to make sure you have the most amazing and stress-free halls experience. There are Resident Assistants and Community Facilitators, who are students you can talk to if you’re facing any problems in your halls or life in general.

9. Work from home (sort of):

You can make the most of your time at halls by working with accommodations or with the Residences team. Look out for opportunities on their websites and notice boards, as some of them are recruiting now! If you’re looking for a part-time job, try to scope out your local area for any jobs nearby – you’ll be thankful you can walk to work if you have an early morning shift!

10. Have fun!

Living in student accommodation is all about stepping a little bit out of your comfort zone and making new friends in a completely different setting than you've experienced before. Enjoy it & make some memories!

  Gurbaaz Singh Gill,

  VP Education (Arts & Sciences)


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