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DeStress KCL is Officially a Ratified Campaign!

As students, it’s easy for stress to become an unwelcome companion in our lives. We often find ourselves juggling academics, extracurricular activities, and personal commitments, leaving little time to prioritise our mental wellbeing. Recognising this challenge, the students behind King’s For Change launched the campaign DeStress KCL, aimed at bolstering existing support services at KCL and KCLSU. With a focus on reaching out to underrepresented student groups, enhancing awareness of mental health services, and championing diversity in wellbeing approaches, DeStress KCL is poised to make a significant impact on campus. 

After a successful period of collecting signatures, DeStress KCL is officially a ratified KCLSU Campaign! 


University is not just a place for students to grow academically but also develop new viewpoints about wellbeing and mental health. Recognising that most students go through a transitional period when starting university that’s both developmental and tumultuous, this may be the first-time when students are able to access mental health and wellbeing services individually. These changes in environment can cause new and unique feelings of stress, isolation, loneliness, and anxiety which students may not have previously experienced. 

Student Minds reported that in 2022, 57% of university students reported facing a mental health issue or low wellbeing. 

Universities have a duty of care to their students, including ensuring that the mental wellbeing of students is supported throughout their education. This is especially because universities are frequently the first and, often, only place which students turn towards to during a mental health crisis. 

Campaign aims 

  • Supporting KCL and KCLSU’s work on preventative measures, including peer mentoring scheme and improved pastoral support, with a focus on increasing the reach of preventative measures to support student groups who are the least likely to engage. 

  • Improve awareness and communication of mental health and wellbeing services, finding new ways of contact between students and mental health services, as well as ensuring that students are aware of both the resources and processes of mental health and wellbeing services across KCL. 

  • Ensuring that there is a level of quality and care for all students when considering cultural sensitivity and diversity around mental health and wellbeing, including championing for linguistically and culturally diverse approaches to mental wellbeing. 

Benefits and Impact 

The potential benefits of Destress KCL are far-reaching. By improving access to mental health services and promoting cultural sensitivity, the campaign has the power to positively impact the wellbeing of all students at KCL. Continuing to foster a culture of openness and support around mental health can contribute to a healthier campus community overall. 

More information on the Destress KCL Campaign and future events will be available soon – visit the Destress KCL Page to sign the petition and support the campaign! 


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