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Take Time Out This Spring: Where to See Spring Blossoms


As spring blooms in London, so does the stress of exams and deadlines. But amidst the chaos, the city's parks and gardens are there as places for you to relax and unwind. Take a look at our list below for where to see certain blooms this Spring.

Hampstead Heath 

Hampstead heath is one of the largest parks easily reachable from central London, so don’t miss this one out! 

Take a walk around the grounds of Kenwood house to enjoy the camelias and azaleas in April and May, or visit the Hill Garden and Pergola for an array of different blooms all Spring. 

From wisteria to crocuses, there’s a rainbow of colours to visit! Take a look at their guide to Spring blooms here


Greenwich Park 

Greenwich park is very well known for its incredible cherry blossom display, so why miss out? Check out the blooms from April to early May! 

Kew Gardens 

As one of the largest botanical gardens in the country, Kew had to be on our list. With it’s year-round tropical plants growing in the greenhouses, it can sometimes be easy to overlook the outdoor blooms. Spring is the perfect time to get to know the outdoor displays! 

The Royal Parks (Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Green Park, St James’ Park) 

All located within a relatively close walk from each other, visiting the Royal Parks is a great way to see positively regal blooms! From the Rose Garden of Hyde Park that blooms in late spring to Summer, to the incredible displays of Buckingham Palace Memorial Gardens, you are sure to find something that takes your breath away here. 

Holland Park  

Holland Park is just one of those places that feels like going back in time. Walking through the streets and marvelling at the wisteria, magnolias and cherry blossoms is almost enough on its own, but a step into the park and you realise what you’ve been missing. The park has a Dutch garden filled with Tulips, as well as the Kyoto Garden filled with a variety of Japanese plants that you can enjoy all year-round.

St. Paul's Cathedral 

Essentially around the corner from the Maughan Library, St Paul’s is the perfect place to take a quick break from studying whilst enjoying the architecture and cherry blossoms at the same time. Make sure to get there quick though, as blooms usually only last to the beginning of May!

We hope you enjoy our list, and that it encourages you to find more ways to take a break from the books and breathe in the fresh air! 



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