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Reflections of an Accountability Panel Chair

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My main reason for wanting to get involved and become an accountability officer was to represent the student body by having the chance to engage with the officers in a formal but open setting. I had no doubt that I would find the process interesting and hoped to provide useful contributions along the way.


Going into the second accountability panel meeting with the officers we had as usual met prior to discuss the officer’s reports. It was clear from the reports that the officers had been busy, especially with the current COVID pandemic and all that it entails for the student body. Personally, what I found very impressive were some of the innovative ideas that the officers had come up with, the town halls seemed like a great idea and I am looking forward to seeing how students take up the engagement opportunities in the future. Praise and congratulations were certainly on the cards and are an important role of the panel, but we also have a responsibility to ensure that the officers try to stay true to their manifestos that they were elected on.


Onto the meeting we unfortunately had no questions from the student body to put to the panel, (keep an eye out for the officer update emails, they will have links where you can read the officers report and submit any questions you would like put to the officers), so all the questions put to the officers were from what the panel picked up on upon reviewing the officers reports. This meeting felt like an improvement on the last as there was more discussion, rather than simply a Q&A session. Through this dialog we got onto the issue regarding manifestos. It became clear how reactive the officers had to be and collectively how they feel now they are in their roles they are really seeing what is required off them to achieve results for the students. It is clear that as a collective they are working very hard to achieve these.


So far, it has certainly been an interesting experience, I had little to no interaction with the SU in my first two years and I am glad I am having that interaction now. Moving forward, with two meetings under our belts as a panel, I feel things are really starting to take shape as in regards to what the panel should be, its relationship with the officers and how we can make these meetings beneficial for everyone, helping the officers achieve great results for the students

Meeting round-up

Salma (President)

  • Working to ensure King’s act early and are clear in their communication with students regarding face to face teaching in semester two
  • Town halls provided good feedback on various issues, face to face teaching being one of them

Vatsav (VP Education, Arts & Sciences)

  • Working group established in the campaign against the late submissions cap

Tasnia (VP Welfare & Communities)

  • Decolonising the curriculum is an ongoing process, working to shift attitudes and connect everyone together

Aless (VP Education, Health)

  • Keen to ensure there is still a community feeling across all four campuses, and in light of COVID doing this digitally

Niall (VP Activities & Development)

  • Working to formalise the appointment of a wellbeing lead for all societies

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