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Mousewatch: Mousevember Update

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Mice are everywhere. In London we can’t avoid them. However, it is not acceptable that they are all over our university, including our libraries and food outlets. You may remember my slogan was “if library mice cause you pain, vote Hussain” - you have now voted Hussain, so you might be thinking: why are the mice still here? Well, this is where MOUSEWATCH comes in. In this monthly series, I will give you updates on what the university is doing about the mice.


I met the person at King’s who is in charge of the mice and I set out the broader picture of where these mice are located. We discussed the massive social media following that the mice problem has accumulated in the past, therefore showcasing the importance of this issue, but also where are the problem areas across the university. I suggested that FWB and NHH are hotspots, but do email me at [email protected] to update on more sightings. Estates at King’s is now in the process of finding out what has been tried before and speaking to the pest control supplier so we can find solutions rather than reinventing the wheel. They will also be asking about the budget for pest control so we can get this issue sorted. Thanks for tuning into this episode of MOUSEWATCH!


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