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Guide to KCLSU Student Groups

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A great way to be involved in the King’s wider community and here at KCLSU is through student groups, societies and clubs. To be totally candid, sometimes you may not get on with your flatmates or coursemates, and student groups are an alternative way to create your community at King’s. There is more legwork involved but I guarantee you’ll be rewarded! Being in the same spaces as people who have shared interests who have also put in the effort to be there is amazing. And it’s not just beneficial for your social life but your career, personal and spiritual development too.  

There exists over 400 student groups at KCLSU. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the types of groups: academic, business, entrepreneurship, cultural, medical, faith and spirituality, causes and campaigning, common interest, music and performance, volunteering, political, creative, media and of course sports groups. 

Malak, KCLWFC social media secretary said of her time as part of the Women’s Football club:  

“Being a part of KCLWFC was one of my favorite experiences in university. The friendships and memories I made are irreplaceable, and they made my time at KCL that much more meaningful! Also, being a committee member was extremely helpful and beneficial as I made connections with members of other societies, and learnt important skills such as time management, communication, and leadership. Winning the KCLSU Club of the Year award was so special as it was the perfect culmination of everyone’s efforts and dedication to the club this year”.  

Here’s some rough tips but nothing will beat getting out there and exploring for yourself.  

  1. One piece of advice that defined my time at King’s was from former KCLSU president Momin Saqib who recommended going to as many different society events as possible (even if you are not immediately drawn to them!). In your first couple of weeks, really make the most of welcome events (this is also when everyone else is in the same boat and doesn’t know anyone). The caveat to that is to be sensible and not miss lectures or tire yourself out. Remember you have three or more years!  

  2. Use Instagram to connect with groups: most student groups use Instagram to promote their events. It’s a good way of exploring their past events so you can see the vibe too. WhatsApp is also useful but personally I prefer Instagram – be careful not to get overwhelmed with the number of messages.  

  3. You’re not going to be friends with everyone! Sorry to break it to you but please do not feel pressure to make lifelong friendships immediately in the first couple of weeks. And if you feel left out or left behind, please be reassured that this is extremely common. There will always be fresh opportunities to start out and find new people who will value you for you. 

  4. Spend time researching and exploring – on KCLSU’s website there’s a list of all student groups and networks. Sign up to the Welcome Fair, speak to members, block out time to go to events. Use your faculty and department’s webpages or social media to find out what they offer too. I’ve found lecture series, workshop and conferences that are run by academic staff to be invaluable for my academic development.  

  5. Don’t burn out or become flaky: it is easy to say yes to everything and overcommit but look after yourself too – if you need a night alone then do not feel bad. Once you have settled down, and seen what’s available, decide what's feasible for you to do each week. You’ll also have your timetable confirmed by then and can work around that.  

  6. Addressing the cost of events: in my personal experience, the pressure of fresher's week is one of the worst you can feel at university. Stick to KCLSU or KCL events, remember that you do not need to spend money or go out to have a good time or have a successful “university experience”. You also do not need to buy memberships for societies or clubs directly at the welcome fair, take some time to think about it! But do sign up for taster sessions or meet and greets!

  7. The “University Experience” looks different for everyone. You worked hard to get here, so make the most of the opportunities in the way that only you can. Be brave and honest with yourself. 


Thea Turton, VP Activities & Development 2023/24


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