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A huge win for KCLSU and all King's students!

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I am delighted to announce in my final week as President of the best students in the world, at King’s College London Students’ Union, something I have been working on for the last year has been successful.

If you have been reading my updates in Officers’ Update Newsletter, you would have seen that I was working on increasing student representation on the highest governing body of the university, Council, where there is ONE student (me), out of 19 members.

I am so excited to reveal that the previous sentence is no longer true. I have successfully lobbied King’s to get double the student representation, so we now have two students: the President and VP Postgraduate of KCLSU. You may wonder why VP Postgraduate? Postgraduates are a really underrepresented and under-engaged student population at King's, with very different problems to Undergrads. Fun fact: they make up over 50% of the student population. Along with many other reasons, this is why I went for VP Postgraduate.

You can see what Council discuss in the meetings here. This means we can now feed into decision-making at the highest levels and voice such as around pensions, which sounds boring until there are strikes which, rightfully so, make students unhappy. Other issues could be around mental health, sustainability, budgets, and other fun stuff where we need to ensure that the viewpoint of the students is heard.

This has been a longstanding campaign for more than 10 years, but I had to write two very lengthy papers to achieve this. I cannot be happier to leave you with this news. This is my legacy, being able to ensure that needs of students are heard and acted upon.


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