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How to meet new people and make new friends

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University is often only as good as the friends you make there. Many of you will be new to King’s, new to London, maybe even new to the UK, and so here’s a quick guide on how you can meet new people and make new friends at King’s!



Joining one of the many societies that exist in King’s is probably the best and easiest way to make friends at Kings. Whatever your interests are, be they around movies, music, languages, or sports, it is highly probable that there is a society that suits them. Make sure to go to this year’s Welcome Fair, which is usually held at the end of September, so that you can sign up to many great societies and meet amazing people around a shared interest!


Find a list of all our societies here.


In addition to the events organized by the societies you join, you can also find many different events on the events page on the KCLSU website. There is a list of all the different events happening at King’s every day, which can span from yoga sessions to leadership classes to Black Students Talk sessions. If you find anything interesting, why not give it a try? It’s a great way to chat to people who you don’t usually meet!

Many events are also often organized at KCLSU bars such as The Vault in the Bush House Campus or Guy’s Bar at Guy’s Campus, such as Quiz Nights or Beer Pong Tournaments!

You can find all of these events here.


Academic Reps

Why not become a Rep for your course? KCLSU Student Reps play a crucial role in ensuring that all students have a voice and an opportunity to provide feedback regarding their learning experience. This is a great way to meet new people!

All the information can be found on this page



Of course, it’s possible to make friends anywhere as long as you maintain the right attitude, and keep in mind that you’re not the only one who just started uni. Especially during the first few weeks of uni, make an effort to stay open and start a conversation! Great places to hang out can be found at KCLSU hotspots such as The Shack or The Shed, where you can have a coffee with a snack and interact with the people around you.

Starting uni is stressful - for everyone. If you make a genuine effort to stay open and go towards people, there is no reason why you won’t make amazing friends during your years here. Make sure to check out the different societies and events that exist and you’ll make friends in no time!



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